Liverpool thread


Decent announcement tbf


Salah, Sane and Coutinho is a very good trio.


50 G+A in 65 league games.

Scoring contribution was .89 p90 in the league.


Not sure I buy into the authenticity of this deal tbh. Didn’t see one racist remark in the twitter comments.


Great bit of business from Liverpool he’s been quality at Roma and didn’t get a fair shake at Chelsea.

They’re gonna be fucked at AFCON though :joy:


well guess it’s time to see what “the real” Salah is like as I only have his time from Chelsea to judge him from


The next AFCON is in 2019. So they’ll have at least another season to find answers to that :wink:


I feel we should have been all over him. Quality addition to a already strong front 3


His time at Chelsea when he ripped us a new asshole? That time at Chelsea?


You can’t expect us to remember every time that happened in fairness.


I genuinely can’t remember this?


wasn’t as big as treble stated. when they destroyed us 6-0 in March 2014 he came off the bench and scored the 6th goal


yeah not much of a destroying by Salah himself really, Like @Castiel said I had no idea


Ohhhhhh he mean’s when golden boy Ox pretending to be Gibbs tore us a new asshole.

I certainly remember that. Who could forget Wenger’s masterful 1000th game in charge.




Yeah but he scores two 35 yarders a season



No smoke without fire, Liverpool have had numerous allegations like this. The club needs to be investigated


From Stoke? They could have done better :xhaka: