Liverpool thread


@Aussiegooner the Scouser not giving up. Love it! A true red!


you dont fucking learn do you :xhaka:

guaranfuckingtee you if it was emery that got a good points tally but not winning a trophy you will be calling him all sorts and saying he is not good enough and should fuck off out the club…hypocrite.


He is such a scouser lol! His beloved Klopp :bellend:


If Emery is getting us 85 + points in a couple of seasons and competing at the pointy end of the CL I’ll be saying nothing of the sort.


I can quite literally guarantee that @Aussiegooner would not be saying that lol


bullshit, we would be hearing of yeah it counts for nothing all those points but coming in 2nd or 3rd or whatever and he is a bottlejob but XYZ could have brought us over the line and we would have gotten said boss we would have won at least a couple of trophies by now and not bottled it and i have said all along that we need a manager on a higher tier.


I can’t believe what a no-good hypocrite @Aussiegooner is in Maverick’s made up fantasy world.


how is my made up world he moves the goalposts to suit his agenda


Aussie vs Mav :giroud3: such a wonderful relationship


I still maintain they’re the same person with a fight club thing going on.


Sounds like it’s a real shame for you too :bellerin:

Fuck Klopp and these cunts. Hope they lose every game until the end of the season and finish 5th. Bastards.


@Electrifying :joy::joy::joy::joy:



Name me a bigger rivalry than Klopp vs The Wind


Fucking love Limmy, probably my fave quote there


All jokes aside it doesn’t bother me overly who wins the title, I dislike Chelsea, Spurs and United the most of all clubs and none of those 3 are winning it.


Deserved for being so cocky, cocaine-sniffer tool.


Nothing wrong with cocaine dude.


Clever of you to throw this in now


Don’t like it. Just weed for me :jake2: