Liverpool thread


Some people are surely on the wind up when they call in?


I think their set ups tbh.


In China a butterfly flaps it’s wings, and on a football pitch somewhere on the other side of the world Mo Salah falls over.


He’s fuming :arteta:


Hahaha, Souness can’t take anyone thinking differently to him





Lol Klopp choking it away again :joy::joy:


I don’t see how the players missing chances on the field is somewhat Klopp choking.


It’s not the players missing chances it’s the mentality of the team (which seems to be struggling with the pressure) and the blunt attack and predictable build up that is evidence of Klopp struggling.

However I think Liverpool will likely win 7-8 of their last 10 games and that should be enough in my eyes.


They went to the CL final and leading the league for most of the time this season… I am curious what Klopp implemented and what he did to make this team choke.

They had their chances to score to win, not that they suddenly playing bad and losing games.

Not quite fair to link the word “choke” when you cannot win.


I think it’s a reasonable word to use to describe a manager who has lost countless finals over the course of the last 7 seasons since his last trophy.

I don’t agree with it. But it certainly isn’t unreasonable.


To be fair most of those finals have been against better teams, Sevilla aside how many times can you punch above your weight?

Not a great record, however, he’s not quite a choker IMO.


Really struggling with Salah not living up his insane standards of last season. He’s blanked in 5 of his last 6 PL games I think


Agreed. Like he’s a fraud for losing to Bayern/Real Madrid in finals :arteta:


Liverpool have been crap in the last 2 months, tbh. We can blame Klopp, then.


They’ll win at least 7 of their last 9 league games, they have a pretty favourable run home now, the question is will it be enough ?

Either way you cut it Klopp will likely have one of the top 5 highest points tally’s in EPL history, just a shame for him it might not be enough competing with Europe’s current best side over 38 games.


Claps sarcastically in ballboy.


I doubt they’ll get 90+ points, but even if they finish 10 points behind City there’s no shame in that.

This is an overrated side that’s punching above its weight. Top clubs aren’t going to come calling for half this squad. They and Klopp are doing great either way.


Yeah they were talking on radio 5 live last night about how many Liverpool players would get in Man City’s team. The only one they were sure of was VVD. Some might argue Salah too and the GK is up for debate. But still, Man City are a lot stronger than Liverpool, so to push them all the way is pretty impressive.