Liverpool thread


In hindsight we should have taken 60m for Sanchez even if we couldn’t replace him, but there’s no fucking way anyone on here would have accepted that at the time. And laying out 90m on Lemar wouldn’t have counted as good business either.


Yep there is that. We would just fucked the 60M up the wall like some jakey who just won the lottery :joy:


I mean yeh you’re right they’ve always been fast and loose with their money but I just feel like they’ve been able to keep reforming and rebuilding their squads because of some seriously good investments like Suarez and Coutinho who kept them within the parameters of FFP.

Whereas in contrast we keep our shit players way too long, never sell anyone for decent mark up and have to loan players like poverty bitches because we have too much going out for wages and literally nothing to show from player sales.


The best bit of business they did was getting Suarez’s agent to agree to that fake release clause.

That would have taken 35m off their profits and given us the best player in the league and probably got us at least one title. Then people would be praising us for spending 40m on a 100m player.


Could have been a huge turning point in the two clubs futures like you say. Unfortunately we had a drunk child heading up negotiations, Liverpool are where they are and we are where we are.


annoying how we’ve had the best player in the league twice in 5 seasons and finished 3rd and 5th still. We don’t deserve nice things.


But if we don’t get them everyone is upset…but don’t deserve them lol.


Emery doesn’t go out scouting does he?

I’m sure we have a vast network for that.


I’m not sure we have.

This must be the most popular thread this season


Nah we sacked/ let the bloke depart that does, we do have Raul with his contacts though.


Lol we did.

RvP in 2011/12 and Alexis in 16/17 how can you disagree, ffs RvP dragged us to the CL single handedly that season. We finished 3rd!! Can you imagine if we had a decent team that year we might have won the league!!!


Yeah RVP was without a doubt the best player in the league in that 11-12 season.


spurs have got arguably the best manager.
They are still in with a shout of winning the PL and have spent less than any other top club.


RVP I’ll give you, although that’s 7 seasons ago now. Alexis, I’m not sure he was better than Klaim or KDB that season. And Barce obviously rated Coutinho better at that time.

Yea he scored and assisted plenty but he constantly broke down our play at the same time as Wenger let him do what the hell ever he felt like doing that season to get the best out of the petulant little tosser.


I agree.
He has the sort of personality that is dynamic and is probably the best at buying and selling players.

Compare that to Wenger and our board who lose very good players for nothing, who pay world class wages to inadequate players and continually make excuses about why couldn’t buy players.

The line that Wenger used after every transfer window about “players meeting his valuation,” or “not being afraid to spend big,” cost him his job.
Wenger never bought the best players available when we needed positions filled.
They were always bare minimum players, or players with potential or, in a lot of situations, no one at all.

Compare that to Klopp, who is the opposite.
He was criticised by a lot of people for spending nearly all the money he got from the sale of Courtinho on Allison and VVD, but they are sitting on top of the PL and we look nearer mid table than title contenders.

As a club we talk and act like we’re Harrods but really we’re more like Primark.


Fair enough. For me Alexis was the best in the league in 16/17 tho and won us an FA Cup. Winner in semi final. Opening goal in the final


So if he wins the PL does this position change and you’ll then consider him world class?

As it is the current title challenge and getting to a CL final and out tacting Guardiola, who supposedly is world class, is some achievement. A final he only lost due to goalkeeping errors and a judo attack on his best player

Also I’m not sure any manager gets more out of average players or improves players as much as Klopp. Also note that when players who’d played really well under Klopp like Kagawa, Gotze and Sahin left to other top clubs they flopped under other managers. Klopp definitely got more out of Gotze than Pep.


Yeah Klopp makes them better. When he ever leaves Liverpool they will regress


Yea, something he might have little involvement in. Unless you reckon Klopp phones up all the money clubs to tout his wares.


So you think Klopp had no input at all when wanting a top quality GK and CB and then Liverpool went out and got Allison and VVD?