Liverpool thread


It shows you just need to sell well to compete. We are hopeless at this


Klopp has given his fans hope that the good times are back, which is more than any Arsenal manager has managed in the last 8 years, and that’s what I miss more than anything.

Even if they miss the title at the end, they’ll have spent 90% of the season believing they could win it. That’s still 90% of a season they were enjoying themselves, compared to the 20% of a season we’ve had to enjoy the last few years.


Nothing is stopping Emery from finding the next Salah for 35 million quid though, imagine the scenes when Klopp sells him to Madrid for 200 million and spends the money on 3 quality players in different positions.

I look forward to the outcry.


This. I hate to say it but actually believing something might happen and enjoying watching your team is 90 percent of football.

I miss that. Instead of this shit we current have


I apologize for bringing Klopp up in this thread, I realize now it was a mistake and I’ve triggered too many people.



Mav will be RAGIN


In the summer they sold Suarez they bought Lambert, Balotelli, Markovic, Lallana, Can, Lovren, Origi, Moreno for ~120 million. I.e. they wasted that money.


The Liverpool team Klopp walked into was a shambles tbf. With great buying and selling in 4 years he has built a great team

Emery had Özil Auba and Laca at least.


And Mustafi, who voids the above :joy:


Both are shambles :joy: but he only had Coutinho and Firmino didn’t he? Was just thinking of the key attacking players he walked into


They bought an entire team from that and moved on any of the duds quickly. Granted they got the Coutinho money which was way better invested but those two players alone turned the tide for Liverpool the last six or seven years.


Even before Klopp the Gerrard slipping stuff is funny but when was the last time we took the title race to May? :sob: 2004/05?


Honestly involving Suarez in this is really pushing the narrative. Might you Liverpool were 6th in 14/15 and 8th in 15/16. This is Klopp 4th season in charge. He rather had a lot of shit to clean up than the squad he inherited helped his cause.


Even then Chelsea won it in April.


Wasn’t sure if that Bolton game was late April or May so 2004 then for us :joy:


Not really, Suarez was an amazing investment that allowed them to spend the same way Bale’s deal did for Spurs.

If we had sold one or two players for 100 million in the last five years I’d like to think our transfer spending wouldn’t be as depressing.


Liverpool finished behind fucking West Ham and Southampton 3 years ago and we finished second! Why are we such pricks at football?


because we have had stu[id pricks like gazidis and wenger in charge or recruitment and did stupid things like keeping sanchez knowing full well he wouldnt sign on and trying to show him whos boss meanwhile he played like a cunt for us and we miss out on 60m for him and lose him for nothing with mhki…stupid deals like this have fucked us, and there were LOTS of them!


But Liverpool’s activity on the market has been quite bad to average apart from the last two/three windows. In that sense buying and selling Suarez had no influence on Klopp’s work.

Remember when they bought Klavan, Matip and Karius in 2016?


Yep this we say we had no one to sell then turn down 60M for at the time the best player in the league and sell him for nothing 6 months later.