Liverpool thread


Too much Pool dick tickling


It’s Klopp dick tickling mainly to be fair.


Klopp is the city of Liverpool right now.


That was just a freak season where the big teams were all going through transitions except us :sob: we were just bottlers


somehow i doubt that, he hasnt been given a chance in hell from you he has spent barely any money had no time inherited a shitshow and already he is a bum in your eyes. If he does well i can see this argument being used by you ‘well it is good he got us back in the CL and he has come close to winning things but hasnt won enough he is not a WC manager we need better’

Some how though the situation is reversed with Klopp though spends 1/2 a billion may get to finals etc has won nothing but does well …but is WC? so lets see what happens.


Spending money isn’t a bad thing it’s a necessity lol why is this being put against him.


I repeat Klopp has made a CL final and could potentially when the EPL inside 4 seasons with a club with similar resources to us.

Let’s see how Emery compares over the next couple of seasons.


Especially when the money he’s spent has been generated by player sales :joy:. What do people want him to do ? Sell players and let the money sit in the bank ?


Tbh not a fair comparison. Emery won’t get near the money Klopp has got


You mean like Big Weng? :wenger:


Klopp has nearly got all his money spent through player sales, not like it’s just been huge off the cuff spending like City and United or Chelsea when Roman entered the fray.


Yeah precisely who are we gonna sell for 140M?! :joy: :sob:


Liverpool set themselves up nicely when they bought Suarez for like 22 million Euros. That’s the sort of signing that keeps you right for the next 5-10 years both financially and competitively.


no what i am saying is that with 500m spent you expect some sort of returns but so far there have been NONE. i mean people were saying the same with wenger and pep and all other managers. When they do win like with City the first thing people say is ‘well when spending 1/2 a billion on players you should expect a trophy now and then and winning the epl’ why is klopp not included in this fact of the matter is that he has spent just as much as they have…or does that not fit your agendas, or you just being dullards for the sake of it?


They have just spent big in the last two seasons?

Last season City went on a season long madness haha no one was stopping them


No because it’s not off the cuff spending, Liverpool have generated just as much in sales as they’ve in spending.

Also I wouldn’t say making the CL final is achieving nothing, I gave Wenger great credit for his 2006 run to the final when it was unexpected that we’d make it.


I’d love to make the CL quarter finals let alone the final :joy::joy::joy:


what fucking difference does that fucking make? How does it matter how the money was generated etc the fucking fact of the matter they have spent almost as much so they should to be held to the same viewpoint dont you think.


If Emery could sell Iwobi for 150m and reinvest it into the team then it would be a fair game.

Klopp had a bed set for him when he arrived. Emery got given a disjointed team and funds of a Championship club available to spend.

It’s not really Emery vs Klopp. Its more like Liverpool’s boardroom vs ours, and they have managed their money and protected their assets much better. Whereas we have just been negligent as fuck which has left us with a massive rebuilding process.


No because he’s had to deal replacing some top quality players, losing Coutinho would have been a savage blow for many managers at the time, but it was just water off a ducks back for Klopp.