Liverpool thread


They have looked far from convincing since the start of the new year, tbh.


who in reality other than city in the EPL have got a world class manager anyway?

Huddersfield Town Vs Arsenal (PL)

Liverpool do


I think he means top manager.

We aren’t talking about footballers here.


Klopp world class? Sure you havent got too many Bier vom fass? :poldi:


I believe Klopp is a world class manager, yes. Is this controversial lol


i dont rate klopp as world class as such he is good yeah but i dont think world class he has spent a lot he does not win much either for what he has been given. If we had a manager that got to finals and never won we would all be pissed and saying the exact same thing ‘yeah he got us to finals but what ahs he won, he is a good manger but not world class’


He’s better than good.

He’s obviously one of the best managers in world football.


you are a fucking idiot if you dont think Klopp is a WC manager


Klopp isnt world class.

If he was, he wouldnt be at Liverpool


Dunno about Klopp and Pep tbh, I rate them a lot, but their solutions all revolve around selling players and replacing them.

If anything that’s the point, it’s hard to impose your style if you don’t have the right players period. Sarri is trying to do it with a half-incomplete squad for his style (despite having better players than us and spending double in the window) and they’re not even out-performing us (Ok, they are in more competitions than us, but still)

Summer is going to be crucial for us.


nope i dont feel that, as stated to be the best manager and in wc brackets you should be winning stuff but he just doesnt we are quick to say shit about our managers when they win fuck all ‘they arent good enough’ ‘need a better manager’ if he wins the EPL then maybe we can say he is doing well, but i feel with the money he has spent etc he should have won at least something by now even if it is the carabao cup.


Liverpool aren’t the same team from years ago, the fact they got to the CL final and are the only team to challenge this City team says it all.

Not sure where this sneer comes from tbh, they are much better placed to win the biggest toephies than us by a country mile.


He won the Bundesliga with a team that had nothing close to the resources of Bayern, and also has taken two sides to the Champions League final when they had no business being there.

Pool still have a very good chance of winning the league this season as well. He’s completely transformed that club, even without talking about the money he’s had to spend. Look at what he’s done with players like Firmino and Mane, who weren’t close to being what they are now when he got them.

The finals record is poor of course (one of those loses being to you know who :unai: ) but I think this Liverpool team will be winning some finals before he’s gone. I find it hard to argue that he isn’t in the top bracket of managers right now.


ooohhh he won a league in a 2 team league, the bundesliga is shit.


But Bayern aren’t.

The fact he won it in a league that Bayern dominates is the reason why it means as much as it does.


If he wins the Premier League this season, you won’t be able to say that so you’ll default to “oh well he spent a ton of money that’s why they won”.

Let’s be honest, he’s at Liverpool and that’s why our fans don’t rate him lol


its not shit. embarrassing post


in general no they aren’t but what they do is act like chavski mk2. The second they dont like a manager they play like a bunch of cunts until they get a new one in.


Dortmund were in rank mediocrity iirc for quite awhile before Klopp arrived, he played a big part in transforming Dortmund back into a team that could even compete for titles and reach a CL final, lets not take it away from it.