Liverpool thread


Klopp is a moaning little cunt. When the things go wrong for him he goes full Mourinho. He can’t handle the pressure.



Going to keep repeating this until it gets into people’s heads… last 5 years according to Transfermarkt, we have net spend on transfers of 70 million more than Liverpool, for an average of 14 million more per year…


But also in those years they have sold hundreds of millions so that skews the results considerably


That’s called good business sense.
Something which Wenger lacked.


Of course it does, but it speaks to investment by board/ownership… fact is our transfer dealings have been D+ at best while Pool’s has been at least B+…

We spent more in net transfers than anyone other than the Manchester clubs, so stop whining about spending and more about being stupid with the significant amount of money we do spend.


I agree but it also shows that they spent far more than us in reality too.


But they have spent a lot less than Man City, Chelsea and Man U.
They haven’t had a net spend of much more than us, and they are way ahead of us in terms of talent and league position.


False…they have in reality spent at least an extra 200m on top of that because they got well over 100m for coutinho alone plus all the other others they sold. So their expenditure does rival that of city.

Look apparently spent over 200m in 1 season…that isn’t chump change


A squad is not assembled in a few years. Players are active for 3 times that length.

in 2013/2014 we started out with a squad that cost two apples and a grog, probably literally, if you count from there. We’ve had quite some ground to make up since. Counter-example, that Real Madrid have gone plus in the last three years while winning the CL three years in a row. Clearly because their squad was assembled prior to that, otherwise every other team should just compare themselves to Real in the past three very cherry-picked years, and just quit footbal alltogether lol


It looks like they hit it too hard in the first half of the season and that momentum is starting to come to a halt.

City will be growing in confidence now, especially if they win on Wednesday


That’s not what you’d call it if Wenger did it.

My guess would be something about lack of ambition and making profits.


So Salah is probably off, otherwise he would be an useless signing.


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It’s almost like Liverpool get criticised for spending the huge money they generate off smart player sales in these parts.

Suppose they should have let Coutinho and Suárez go on frees and then if they were still top of the league we could praise them ?


You can sign players without selling your key players you know :wink:


Perhaps, however, Liverpool have the benefit of being out of the domestic cups so get more rest, City on the other hand are fighting on all fronts.

Liverpool dropped the ball though, those two draws could be the difference.


If Wenger had done what Klopp has done I wouldn’t have wanted him gone. I don’t see your point.


Salah, Firmino, Manè and Insigne would be too much, imo.


They sold their best player of the previous couple of years in the January window for big money with years on his contract and didn’t replace him while they were competing on various fronts.

That’s where their great net spend comes from.

So yeah, forgive me for thinking if Wenger did that that you’d not be praising him even slightly.