Liverpool thread


I’ve got no problem with Liverpool winning the PL title.
They have done it with only spending their own money.

They have built a team, rather than just buying the best players in Europe and hoping that will work, like Mourinho did.

Every player they have bought we could have had, if we had any ambition.

Klopp was a manager we could have had, if we had any ambition.

It means, spurs, Man U and Chelsea won’t win it.

But most importantly it shows that, with some proper organisation and the right personnel, a club not as profitable as us can win the PL.

People who say there is no opposition only have to look at how Man City started this season.
They were being talked about as being the best team in Europe and possibly the best team ever in the PL.
Also, where was the competition when we were runners up to Leicester?

I’m still not sure they will win it.
They haven’t beaten Leicester yet and, even if they do, there’s plenty of games to go where this can all change.
But if it’s not us, I hope they do.


People who say there is no opposition are just being silly. There are 19 teams in front of your club, beat them all and you win the league simple as that. If there is no opposition why are we 5th and losing games? City was comfortably predicted to win the league again at the start of the season. Liverpool stepped up, put the pressure on City and are now leading the table. Simple as that.

And by all means, rather Liverpool winning it than the oil boys of City and Chelsea. Rather Liverpool than the smug cunts of United. And well, rather Liverpool than the scum.


lolol careful not to choke on your bias.


So if they failed again Pep’s reign at City would be average.


They’ve had almost the same amount of owner investment in the last decade as Manchester United have :slight_smile: They’ve also had external loans and loans from their owner too so it’s not really their own money.

I quote SwissRamble:

"So three of the Big Six clubs have been largely financed by cash generated from operations: #AFC 100%, #THFC 81% and #MUFC 80%. In contrast, others have been much more reliant on owner financing: #MCFC 90% and #CFC 86%. #LFC is more balanced: operations 53%, owners 40%."

Liverpool have the 4th highest owner investment of any team in the last decade of PL football and have consistently been one of the biggest spending teams since the advent of the Premier League.

I agree with your overall sentiment, it’s just not true that Liverpool have done this by spending “their own money”.


That’s a fair point but they have reinvested all of the big transfer fees they got from players like Sterling, Suarez, Courtinho etc, and spent all of it on at least equivalent players.
This is something we have rarely done, if at all, and why Liverpool have overtaken and pulled away from us.

With the outside investment as well, they have proved that it’s best to strengthen areas they are weak in, and buy the best players available for those positions which again, is something we don’t do.
We tend to wait for a few seasons and when we do eventually fill those areas it’s often the cheap option rather than the best.

So if the investment from the owners has helped them, they have at least got the fanbase to sustain it, which is something that Man City and Chelsea didn’t have.

It’s just a shame that we haven’t got an owner that is willing to invest like they have.
Perhaps if we did, we wouldn’t be competing to get into the CL, we’d be competing to win it.


The thing is though we’ve generated more money as a club than Liverpool have in the last decade so we didn’t really need any owner investment. We just didn’t need to be so cautious and sit on £200m unnecessarily and now we’re basically stuck in a very dark place that’s going to take a hell of a lot of diligent planning in the transfer market to get us out of.

I agree with much of your sentiment though mate. I think we’ve been so poorly run it’s not even normal.


Well the bright side is we do have the money and can emulate Liverpool. Again if we look how badly run they were under the previous owners the transformation is quite quick.
Ours in reality IF we can find a strategy of the field could even be a bit quicker. Outside of all this fan nonsense stuff its important that city are slowed if not stopped before they build to strong a base that their wealth could easy sustain.


I agree with all that.
I think this is the most frustrating thing.
The 200m, or so, we were told we could spend in every transfer window, if we wanted to, but did nothing.

If we were a club stacked full of world class players and sitting on top of the PL, I could understand not needing to invest but when you are desperate for a striker, DM, and whatever other positions we needed quality in, and just wait for bargains to fall into your lap, then it just shows the lack of aggression a top club needs to get to the top.

It was particularly annoying when Wenger used to talk about buying players as if it was his own money he was spending, rather than the very people who pay his wages, the supporters.

We must be the worst run club, financially, than any top club in Europe.
It’s absolutely shambolic.


Yeah but


I think you have to look at the size of former giants of europe to see where not the worse. A bit clueless and lost our way maybe.
Start in Italy and work your way round.


I doubt there’s many on here old enough to know who worzel gummidge is mate


Or see Phil Thompson captain Liverpool to a European cup victory for that matter.



I’ve decided on my new home – i’m moving to Tuvalu. Thinking of moving around the start of May if anyone wants to join me. It looks beautiful – mind you, anywhere would look more beautiful than a country in which Liverpool and their fans rule the roost


Take Mustafi with you, please.


The worst thing isn’t that we were run badly with the heads having intentions to win i.e. misguided with the right goals and intentions.

We were mismanaged for the fuck of it lol. Like the resources are there, there’s financial security, it was just, ‘lets just fuck about for no good reason’ for a decade


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Lucky you. Im still trapped in the addiction we call football. Maybe i can get out before May.