Liverpool thread


You just know we’re going to play out of our skins on Sunday and beat them.




Does @Aussiegooner work for Sky Sports? :stuck_out_tongue:


Hopefully my guy Mustafi is fit and healthy for Man City :pray:


Any arsenal fan who doesn’t want us to beat City so Liverpool can’t win the league can fuck off haha


Fucking secret pool fans


Fuck off mate. City being allowed to operate in world footballs lucky. Lost the fucking thing themselves against Palace and Newcastle. How about we just worry about our own sorry mess and learn how to turn it round like these have.


Never want my team to lose so fuck City and Liverpool.


Calm down, calm down, calm down.



It will be a sad day when they win the league, and i will sign out from all of the social media networks at least for a week because it will be unbareable.

On another note, if city doesnt winn the UCL (and if lpool wins the PL) you can say his was a failure at City.


And Utd sacked one man capable of saving us from the darkest timeline


I don’t care about football anymore so it won’t be as bad when they win


Absolutely. Guardiola’s record would be as good as Pellegrini’s.


Probably worse for you if you were back home tbh.


Oh my god yeah, every Dane is a Liverpool fan


Is it called the Molby effect?


@LordBendtner truths out here. :rofl:


Id say their season wont be defined till we see how the CL works out if they lose the title.


They will win the league this time around. City losing these games is a massive contribution to that. Klopp is doing a great job at Liverpool.