Liverpool thread


It’s like some of you don’t WANT to hear more from Lawrenson, Souness, Carragher, Murphy, Thompson, Owen, Macmanaman…



You don’t have to listen to them :wink:


Haha you’re such a grumpy puss tonight.


@JakeyBoy is a pool fan? FFS! All the bad things on him!


can hear them now

‘with a manager like klopp and the team they have, they are to be feared i can see liverpool dominating the EPL for quite some time now. Now they have a taste for it they will want more beware other teams liverpool have arrived’

:xhaka: :gabriel: :bellerin:


Liverpool potentially winning the title, is much in the same way we prolonged dropping out of the top 4, it’ll happen eventually. Liverpool have had a few chances along their drought, so what can you do.

Still, at least it’s not Spurs winning it, otherwise Football really would be fucking unbearable. Pool winning would only be mildly.


Yep, unbearable scouse cunts, especially Thompson with that fucking nose :gabriel:


^^^^ worzel gummidge


And Lawrenson with his shitty BBC predictions. Get lost fucker!


To be fair, one of our representatives is Paul Merson and he’s perhaps the dumbest man on television.


Leicester had a sort of condescending nature to it, ah it’s Leicester, what a fairytale, 5000-1 outsiders etc. A bit annoying but ultimately bearable

That’ll be nothing compared to the saccharine reverence with which a Liverpool title win will be greeted :smile: Half the top sports journos in Fleet Street are Liverpool fans, some more outwardly than others

I literally can’t wait…to leave the country for the summer :sunglasses::see_no_evil:


Lucky ? They’ve 60 points from 23 games with only 1 defeat at the Etihad, yet you’re bemoaning luck ? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


It’s happening isn’t it?

All the Scouse lovers on the media I consume will be unbearable.

Lawrenson, Thompson, Carragher, Mcmanaman, Owen, Murphy, Redknapp, @Aussiegooner etc etc.

Edit: ffs people have already made this joke.


Mahrez missed pen at Anfield, an extra min of injury time v Everton, luck with injuries, Salah diving and not getting punished, no competition apart from Man City.

I know some of these are not of their own doing, but it would be folly to say Liverpool haven’t been lucky. Even in our unbeaten season we weren’t this lucky


Why do people keep putting Carra with all them? He’s a great pundit. One of the only ones worth listening to


Fuck these fucking cunts


Not totally unbiased though. He screamed when Liverpool scored the late winner v Everton. He can fck right off


Trust me, I’m just having a lot of fun raging, it’s quite liberating.

All done with a smile on my face, but that’s probs just the secret Pool fan in me


Hahaha, tbh the only one who definitely isn’t a Pool fan is Aussie cos he just came straight out and started grabbing their ass.

I’d love to know what you 4 said in the first place for LB to accuse youse of something so horrible?


It’s all coming together. Even Rafa poetically got them the win Vs City.