Liverpool thread


Give Salah an olympic medal for diving.


Is it just me that doesn’t mind if they win it? In my experience United and Chelsea fans seem a lot worse for cockiness and being insufferable. I haven’t seen it yet with scousers


I think all supporters are cocky and annoying when they win, so I’m tipping this will just be you.

Reason I don’t mind if they win is, they’ve done it in the right way, without any sugar daddy investment and lots of smart footballing decisions on and off the field.


Liverpool fans are unbearable, tbh.


Not seen it much, however they don’t obsess over Arsenal is probably why, United fans still talk about RVP for example :upside_down_face:


Redcafe has some bad posters, but they love to talk about football overall and some of them respect us. RAWK quite hate us, instead.


Alright RvP :wink:


Who asked to answer me? Leave me alone, anti-Emery troll.




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I’ll join if you do Luca deal?


I am not a Liverpool fan like you, tbh :wink:


Tell me why I’m a Liverpool fan again luca? :sleeping:


Gloating about Klopp, when he has yet to win a title for Liverpool. You are not the only one to love them though. There are plenty of Liverpool fans here.


Gloating about klopp :joy: Luca you are a great character haha


History will prove me right and you 2 trolling buddies @Electrifying and @AbouCuellar wrong.


I’m honestly quite split about whether Liverpool win it or not. If you take away their fanbase, then Liverpool winning would be better than the money pits of Man City, not to mention it’s a new team winning the Premier League and ends their long drought without a title.

Truth be told, while they are cocky as hell, I’ve known a couple of Liverpool fans over the years and I’ve got on pretty well with them really. And the ones I know, like and respect Arsenal. So Liverpool don’t really bother me like Man Utd, Spurs, Chelsea for example.

Of course, when you do add their fanbase into the mix, then of course they do become rather unbearable fucks, especially if they end up being Pep’s mighty team :smiley: But there you go. Man City winning it, is more of a safe/neutral option but for the sake of competition and variety, Liverpool winning it wouldn’t be that bad really. So I don’t mind which of the two wins it. As long as it’s not Spurs, then I don’t really mind.


Doesn’t want to hear the likes of Souness, Carragher and McManaman gloating in the media :wink:


Yeah. Even that dickhead Hansen might come out of retirement


And Phil Thompson and Lawrenson with his shitty predictions.