Liverpool thread


I was at that Swansea game. I’ll never forget how angry I felt afterwards with the manner in which we lost.


You’re an even bigger bellend than Brady was.


Fuck Swansea’s record in general at the Emirates pissed me off, they beat us 3 times I think which is amazing when you think about it.


Oh is that when united cheated for the peno?? Def woulda won that with var tbf.


Yeah and I remember Cech making one of his many mistakes in that game too and people like Routledge and Cork just looking like the good players that they’re not against us. Cork is alright I guess but never should have looked as good as he did.


But at least my bell end posts are like two sentences and not thousand word essays.


Didn’t Brady once try to argue (by way of multiple essays) that Michael Owen wasn’t injury prone?


What did Brady get banned for again ? I remember Drayton got banned for some inappropriate picture or something ? Which is a shame as I liked him as a poster.


Thought brady was for multi accounts.


That’s completely counter-intuitive to everything I wrote. Maybe I didn’t make myself clear.
I believe Liverpool should try their best to stay in the two competitions that meet the criteria: 1st, they have the best chance of winning & 2nd - have the most prestige and value

Lot’s of ifs in that sentence. Sounds like you are reaching in many directions to find ways to belittle a league title for Liverpool.

So according to your logic almost no league winners are worthy because since the start of the 21st century, only 2 clubs won the domestic double - Arsenal in 2002 and Chelsea in 2010.

Season Champions Exit Round Vs Games more than Liverpool
1999–2000 Manchester United didn’t enter
2000–01 Manchester United 4th West Ham 1
2001–02 Arsenal Winner
2002–03 Manchester United 5th Arsenal 2
2003–04 Arsenal Semi Final United 4
2004–05 Chelsea 5th Newcastle 2
2005–06 Chelsea Semi Final Liverpool 4
2006–07 Manchester United Final Chelsea 5
2007–08 Manchester United Quarters Portsmouth 3
2008–09 Manchester United Semi Final Everton 4
2009–10 Chelsea Winner
2010–11 Manchester United Semi Final City 4
2011–12 Manchester City 3rd United 0
2012–13 Manchester United Quarters Chelsea 3
2013–14 Manchester City Quarters Wigan 3
2014–15 Chelsea 4th Bradford City 1
2015–16 Leicester City 3rd Tottenham 0
2016–17 Chelsea Final Arsenal 5
2017–18 Manchester City 5th Wigan 2

I am guessing United of 99/00 & 00/01 are not worthy champions, United of 07/08 are not worthy champions, City of 11/12 & 13/14 are not worthy champions, Chelsea of 14/15 are not worthy champions, Leicester are not worthy champions and City of 17/18 are not worthy champions.

I think you will notice a tendency in the last 5-6 years (with the exception of Chelsea in 16/17 because they weren’t in Europe since they finished, what was it, 10th in 15/16 bhahahahahha), that the best teams heavily neglect the FA Cup and go out somewhere between the 3rd and the 5th round.

By the way Liverpool are likely to finish the season, regardless of their league position (1st or 2nd), on more points than at least app. 50% of the respective champions in the last 20 years.


Liverpool are in for a real running for league title after decades. I wouldn’t blame them if they purposely threw the cup.
Having the burden of being the only big club without a PL title must be embarrassing and something they would wanna get rid of asap.


My bigger issue with this is the fact an overseas friendly sponsor can demand our full strength side in a nothing game.


They can?


Hope Liverpool win nothing so we can devour scouse tears.

Fuck the Liverpool love-in so much.


Plus the media is full of fucking Scousers.


tbh a big part of me wants them to win it just for the seeth of everyone specially Manchester United fans. Would live off Redcafe for dayzzz :joy::joy::joy:


Yeah. Fuck the club which actually managed to get back on top on their own accord and manages to compete with heavily financially-doped clubs.


You don’t get why most of us hate Tottenham, so you’ve got no chance with this one :stuck_out_tongue:


I know hahaha.

I would just get the hate for United, City and Chelsea a lot more than Liverpool/Tottenham.


I like Liverpool and Man City at the top of the PL.
It means spurs, Man U and Chelsea are two places lower.

I also don’t mind them sending out a weakened team in the FA Cup.
If we were in the same position of being top of the PL and still in the CL, I would hope we would do the same thing.

I remember when we threw away chances of winning the title because injuries to key players when we fielded, or didn’t substitute them, in cup games or meaningless European games.
We had possibly the best team in Europe but lacked depth in quality and Liverpool are the same.

Liverpool aren’t a team challenging for the top four trophy any more, they are challenging for the most prestigious trophies in Europe, so why risk losing any of their best players, through injury in a domestic cup competition, when they don’t need to?