Liverpool thread


They’re gonna regret chucking the FA Cup when they finish the season empty handed.


I don’t understand the criticism towards sacrificing the cup. I think it’s the right move.

To be fair you cannot win 3 major trophies unless you have a really strong squad and Liverpool don’t have that as shown yesterday, otherwise they’d still be in for the all 3 trophies. And even then you still don’t win 3 cups unless you are in a league with 0 competition like PSG in France or Bayern in Germany. Rotation is unavoidable and the most sensible thing is to rotate the most in the least important cup, plus no one will admit that but you really want that cup out of the way so you can focus on the 2 trophies that matter.

I’d say the FA Cup was their 2nd best chance to win a trophy behind the league title and the cup with the least demoralizing effect if dropped, because when you are favourite to win the league and one of the favourites to win the most prestigious cup in the world, the domestic cup pales in significance. Had they dropped the league or the CL in order to win any silverware, now that be suicidal. I remember last season when Napoli were 1 point ahead of Juve in the title race and they dropped the Europa League by fielding a weakened side in their home tie vs Red Bull. Their season went to shit right after that game. their rhythm, morale and belief was gone, plus the pressure from Juve was too much for them.

The loss of the FA Cup shouldn’t have such effect on Liverpool. In hindsight, if they don’t will anything, you will take the opportunity to laugh at them for forgoing the FA Cup, but right now it’s the right decision. If they were chasing City I’d say the argument that they are making a mistake would be much stronger, but they have the reigns in their hands, the FA Cup doesn’t really matter to them.


Absolute 100% talking sense, I applaud you sir. I wish that I could like that post more than once.


I wouldn’t mind Emery throwing away the FA cup if we had 54 points from 21 league games tbh.


Isn’t it pretty standard to send out the second string at this stage of the cup anyway? I didn’t feel like they threw it they just lost a hard game to a pretty strong side. Pretty clear case that they were better off resting most of their first team.


Typical self defeatist pussy arsenal supporter comment if I’ve ever seen one.


I’m betting @Gladiator might have reigned it in a little if he’d known it was going to lead to his balls getting so heavily licked. :joy:


This would be sound logic if they were to field 9 changes in their two leg R16 CL games and focus entirely on the league, but you know they won’t.

Also if what it takes to win the league now is to not be in any cups, then that really hurts the value of a league win for me. If Liverpool get knocked out of everything and win the league by 1 point, and City win the CL and FA Cup, what achievement is Liverpool winning the league by 1 point if we’re meant to believe that it’s down to the fact they played 10 less games than City did?

To me a league win should be the biggest sign that you’re the best team in the country, and in that situation I’m not sure it does that.


Yeah that’s it, if they got a draw like Blackpool away the side they sent out would have comfortably progressed.


Win the league after getting the most points over 9 months, 38 games, playing all teams home and away is a monumental achievement irrespective of how many people try to down play it.


No man, I enjoy my balls getting licked :bellend:


Kinda but it’s nowhere near beating ur rivals head to head. It’s why we have playoffs here in our sports, real men sports. Imagine if lolpool win the league but City beat them twice. Okay yayy u beat all the other shitty teams congrats, but there’s a team that stomped you out. In a playoff lolpool would choke.


If City beat them twice I’ll say fair play condsidering it’s 1 win and a draw so far.


Tsk tsk lolpool couldn’t even beat them, not really a deserving champion tbf.


In our invincible’s season we couldn’t beat United or Portsmouth, so I suppose we weren’t a deserving champion.


And we beat Leicester in both games the season they won the title so I guess we’re the real champions.


But did we lose to them? Nope cuz we were UNBEATEN!!


Honestly they should just give us the trophy. Who gives a shit that we lost to Swansea, they aren’t even in the PL. Such a shame there were no playoffs cuz under Arsene we’d have won it several times just like we did with the FA Cup.


Played United 3 times for the season, 2 draws and 1 loss in the FA cup Semi… 3 attempts still couldn’t beat em, United the real champions.


Woulda beat em in the playoffs tho 🖒