Liverpool thread

Mate you’ve took this virus to push your anti Liverpool agenda. Your all out of health and safety arguments.


I’m not sure what the answer is, but I don’t want next season compromised to finish this season. If they have some way of finishing this season, to not let it destroy next season, then that’s great.

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Man you can sacrifice League cup and manage the remaining games easy.
Both the season can be easily salvaged.

When do you think the games will be played ? This outbreak is getting worse before it gets better ?

These decisions should be taken at end of May. By then the severity of the outbreak will be evident.
Any discussion about it now is just waste of time for the authorities but yes a great banter time with Liverpool fans.

Just about the only few good things about this outbreak.

There’s no guarantees we will even be sorted by the time the new seasons around. Every day it seems like the time frame for this is getting longer.

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Could really not have title next year. Not sure we will be able to plan for a full season in all honesty.

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Nobody knows how long this will go on for so how can you even schedule the next season?

I don’t know why so many people seem to be so attached to a August - May season.If this season is delayed and the next 4 seasons are also delayed what difference does it make? Basically the same amount of football is going to be played in basically the same amount of time.


I agree, dump the international breaks, and the league cup, go back to old schedule with no winter break, play into the summer. That will get us caught up.

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If they think we’re gonna have games again before July, they are smoking.

We haven’t even hit the peak yet lads, April, May and June are gonna be tough.

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It means generally nothing in the grand scheme of it all. But my birthday is in shambles this year. I’ll never forget my 28th :joy:

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Do we follow the science on this one? :arteta:

Using the relative strengths of teams and 100,000 simulations

No surprise then to find the Euro Club Index predicting with 100% certainty that Jurgen Klopp’s side will deliver a first title to Anfield in 30 years.

In other news, analysts demonstrate that water is wet :slight_smile:

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Sure you seen this one already. If you have it deserves another watch anyway :arteta:


I fucking love that guy I’ve been laughing at him for such a long time but him and the meme just never gets old for me, and this one was good as well


That is so good haha. Had me laughing out loud at some point


I didnt realize how badly they’d fallen apart after my boy Sarr destroyed them single handedly. Lost in the FA Cup, exited the CL, and now aren’t going to win the PL either, yikes. That has to feel absolutely terrible as a fan.

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Yeah they will certainly top our bad luck if the PL gets cancelled.