Liverpool thread

Emery would complain winning games but not playing according to the game plan.

At least when we draw and lose it’s according to the game plan.

@DavidHillier right now:


There are so many teams that are “due one” v LiVARpool.

I’m thinking Spurs might do something in their home fixture.


They won’t go unbeaten but ridiculous to think they could threaten City’s record points tally.

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Last 50 league games they’re 41-8-1 = 131 points. Arsenal are 25-12-13 = 87 points. Amazing that a club with a similar wage bill and net spend can outdo us by 44 points over a 50 game period.

Those Liverpool fans that wished for Klopp must be loving life.


I’d say the lad on RAWK preaching “careful what you wish for” when they binned Brendan is long gone.


We have to think about this being too hasty binning emery :henry2:


The insane amount of money spent fixing their team helps too. Results didn’t come until that happened strangely enough. You’d think that K£opp was doing all this with no investment by the sounds of it around here lulululul :joy::joy: when in reality they just bought themselves the success.

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Liverpool did spend but I think it’s just slightly above reasonable amount paid to get a high quality squad.

You really need to pay that much to win the league.
Any less and it’s not possible.

Of course. They’ve done it “organically” :roll_eyes:

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Buying low and selling high, supremely ran club on and off the field at the moment Liverpool.


Kinda, but also the years they were spending more than us year in year out. 10 years ago, 20 years ago, it all adds up and has put them in a superior position. They’ve had some good buys and they’ve had some bad buys but they had a lot more buys than us and by sheer trial and error have an advantage. Plus they had the advantage of not having Gazidis leading their operation.

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Leicester are better at this than Liverpool are but I agree, essentially, that Liverpool know how to sell their assets.

Our prime example is PEA. He’s clearly not signing a new contract. We should sell him in January. He commands a transfer fee of 50mil plus (would have been more had he had a longer contract). Watch us balls it up


Yes but they were long there preaching “careful what you wish for” when they binned Benitez.
Took them more than a decade to be shut up

Wish ours had only been a decade.


Klopp did something special that made the team competitive, it was not just about spending money.

1/ when Moreno was not the LB he expected, he moved Milner to that position. It worked for them for an extend period of time.
Look how we moved AMN to RB… never worked out
To a certain extent, we don’t see Klopp putting up strange lineup and using player(s) in questionable positions. If he were Arsenal manager, sure he would not put Torreira as #10.

2/ as many said here, Liverpool sell high buy low. They might have spent the money wrong on a player or two, but they major transactions are pretty much successful since Klopp’s arrival.
On the other hand…

3/ Liverpool have 2 huge egos in Mane and Salah, and they don’t get along quite well.
Can you see that on the field and from their performance?
Give the credit to Klopp.

Ur in for a looonnngg spell of watching from the sidelines my dood. Buckle up the last Arsenal PL title u will see in ur lifetime was Wenger homeboy :joy::joy::+1::+1:

Yeah the dispcable cunt made sure of the majority of that.

You have an old and antiquated way of viewing things. Wenger is gone, you support a club with guys like Chips Keswick pulling the strings, that’s who u support now, fyi. But yeh give that dood a pass cuz ur blinded by ur misplaced hatred, perfect consumer of this soulless club :joy::joy::+1::+1: bahhhhhhhh :sheep::sheep::sheep::sheep:

I think both clubs do.
Since they won the PL title Leicester sacked the manager that won it, during the following season.
They then got rid of the following manager, during a season, when it was clear he wasn’t good enough.
They have sold three of their best players, Mahrez, Kante and Maguire and there isn’t a single player or manager they have got that we couldn’t have and that goes for Liverpool as well.

Liverpool and Leicester have decision makers that are not only great at spotting new talent but also getting the most money they can from players that leave.

Both clubs are decisive and ambitious.
Of course they have made mistakes but they don’t wait for several seasons before doing something about it.

We could have had Klopp or Rodgers but our useless board chose to stick with Wenger, who dragged us down with a culture of complacency, and then Emery who continued Wenger’s great work.