Liverpool - Arsenal (Premier League)

Liverpool v Arsenal

Sunday 27 August, 16:00
Premier League

Worried we’ll get beat heavily here. I’m thinking 3-1, or 4-2. There will be goals.
In terms of team selection there is a bit of good news:

Arsene Wenger confirms that Alexis Sanchez is available for selection against Liverpool this weekend

I doubt he will actually start the game, but it’s a great option from the bench.

What will be the outcome?

  • Liverpool win
  • Draw
  • Arsenal win

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fuck em.

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I’m going to be optimistic and predict an Arsenal win. There will be goals, goals, goals, and we’ll win 5-3 :grinning:


That team will murder lolpool, rip klopp…wrekt.

I think this could be a bit of a goal fest, so I’ll go for 2-2 or maybe more.
The pressure is on Liverpool and they have just played in the CL so I expect us to get something out of this.

6-5 Arsenal.

There’s only one guarantee, it wont be 0-0

I just don’t know what’s real anymore.

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We are gonna get spanked.


3 0 Liverpool. Get over run and we wont be able to carry Ozil and Xhaka in game like this. Bad as they are at the back still dont think we will have enough ball to threaten.

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We gonna get fucked.

Liverpool’s defence has goals in it for sure, but so does ours and our team looks way more disjointed and out of place.


Heavily thrashing. 4/5-1 to Liverpool. We are gonna play right into their hands, allowing Manè and Salah to overrun us in the middle.


No idea what the exact score will be, but both teams will score and Liverpool will win.

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3-2 Arsenal. Both defences are shit but we got Alexis back and they’ve played a mid week game so we’ve got an advantage

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I (un?)fortunately won’t be able to watch as I’m going down to Cornwall with my girlfriend and another couple and they booked a boat to take us out on the Helford river on Sunday from 10-6. So I guess I’ll be following on BBC live text if the Cornish 3G allows for it.


Are you gonna swing on that boat? :slight_smile:

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Haha once we’ve had a few beers who knows :wink:

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Give me your phone number and I’ll send you on the spot updates mate. And some dick pics. But mostly updates on the match.

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Don’t be a wuss now, you don’t need beers to master the courage to stand on the tip of the boat and swing that baby up and down the river. Just put someone on the rear end to balance you out.

Why do journalists ask the most useless questions questions in press conferences?

Would have loved someone to ask how Wenger intends to deal with LFC after getting spanked at Anfield last season