Ligue 1 Thread

How much do you give him lads? 2 years?
Lucky fuck will get to coach Messi so there’s that.

Don’t all PSG coaches get 1.x years? I’ll say 1.8.


Memphis soon to be available on a free.

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I hope we are all over him. I think his talent is there for all to see and he is versatile too in that he can play on the flank or as a striker.



Lol that fucking Audi Cup

Turns out it was a Spurs problem all along, who knew?

Who gassed this 30 year old flop? :joy:

He’s 26 actually…

No shit Sherlock.
He’s 27 in February. You didn’t get the joke.

Where is the joke?

He’s 26 until he’s 27 do you know how ages work?

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The joke is that this man talks like he’s some up and coming player still.
“Wait till we join better clubs”
This guy has no business putting himself in the same conversation as Aouar.
Man had a year left on his contract playing for Lyon that was begging for money and nobody came in for him. Barca is interested in him because of Koeman and that’s it. And even that wasn’t enough for him to get him a transfer. Now he gotta wait to leave on a free. :joy:

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Fair enough I’m not even sure if Aouar gets a move does anyone still want him?

Definitely, many teams have had him on their radar for a while and he’s still doing good for Lyon. Plus, there are Euros in the summer and he may be involved.
Juve, City, Madrid and PSG will be looking to shake up their midfield and I can definitely see one of them signing him this summer.

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Poch knows he has too or he’ll lose his job eventually.

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Pretty sweet for Neymar that he got to go into semi retirement at 25.

The Marseille fans not happy

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French people handle things differently lol. Any reason to riot.


Poch bottling again :eyes: