Ligue 1 Thread

21 :facepalm:

To think Wenger almost signed him. He was in his parents house ffs

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Just a poor man’s Carlos Vela

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Other reports saying it will be Robert Moreno. Big Cesc getting another sacked.

Tuchel Neymar is great to watch.

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A fit and focused Neymar is top 3 without any doubt.


Psg tearing Monaco a new one.

4-1, Mbappe.

Pepe and Ozil need to take lessons from Di Maria and Neymar here. These 2 are unreal :giroud2:

Too good

@Persona TTball :giroud2:

Pink haired Neymar :giroud2: :giroud2:

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Thomas Tuchel Ball
ToTal Ball

Either way. :heart_eyes:

some more Neymar propaganda

Shame that’s he wasted in that league. Genuinely should be performing at this level in the premier league or La Liga. Such a talented player that I can’t help but feel has wasted 4 years of his career at his peak…

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If he wins PSG a CL this season, you could say it’s forgiven.

But yeah, to many he is wasting his peak years.

This move has been dreadful for Barcelona as well, they really just went loco after it, spunked hundreds of millions on some complete busts and now are in some financial concern.

Refs can’t take him dropping a steaming turd on these farmers week after week.

He is needed in the prem, doing rainbow flicks over Mike Dean, guy would lose it.

Lol indeed. The English people would murder a player like Neymar. For his own good he need to stay far away from the Premier League. People in England would have no appreciation whatsoever.

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English people dont appreciate unbelievable tekkerz? What am I reading. Almost every kid in England have been trying to emulate him and Ronaldo for the last 10 years haha.

Saying that if United signed him I wouldnt mind signing Lee Cattermole, Joey Barton and Charlie Adam’s on an appearance based contract and get them to man mark him.

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Bit of a stupid generalisation but OK lol


Jokes, Jakey, Jokes.

Although @SpankyJoyJoy is saying what I partially meant lol.

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Your boys name is in absolute tatters @Electrifying @Persona :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


French don’t know anything. :bellerin:

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it will happen eventually to every single manager they have the players are absolute cunts as are the owners for allowing the pricks to be so entitled that they can go over the managers head and generally fuck about.

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