Ligue 1 Thread

Griezmann or Neymar, what a pair of wankers to pick from


Excellent point.

They might as well try and sign Liam Ridgewell to complete the cunt trifecta

€1b deal for PSG with Nike, which equates to €80m per season. As if these fucks weren’t rich enough already. To hell with thee


The Jordan / PSG stuff was real nice though

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Does what he wants

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They give the fucker matches off for his sister’s birthday, of course he thinks he can do whatever the fuck he wants.

Not to excuse him at all, he’s clearly one of the biggest wankers out there in world football. But far too many people clearly fucking pander to him as well, his sense of entitlement is constantly fed.


Don’t blame him. I would rather celebrate the Copa victory too in Rio in stead of joining training with a bunch of u-23 players.


Is he not injured? Who gives a shit if he’s on day 1 of training?

Marseille losing 2-0 against Accrington


You know it’s bad when your looking at the Accrington lad getting brought down for the pen and wondering if he could do a job for us.


Looks like it’s around the same fee Dortmund paid a year ago. What went wrong?

PSG trailing Rennes by a goal to 0, in the French Super Cup.

Tuchel the :goat: losing another domestic trophy lol

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They won in the end. Interesting scenes in the celebrations. This window still got a lot of stuff to happen surely.

Wtf that was ridiculous

Hahaha I’m actually pretty convinced that they introduced VAR unregulated in the hope it would be a shambles and fail. They need to quickly figure out where and when they should be employing it. They won’t though.

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I don’t think it was intentional but it was at least a yellow, for negligence. Red is a bit of a stretch, but I imagine the VAR guys were desperate for a piece of the action.