Ligue 1 Thread

Better phone early then.


Seems like its all gone to shit since Unai left!


Lol looks like Neymar is staying put then. Even at a reduced fee i’m not sure there is a market for Neymar. Only about 4 European clubs could afford and not sure any of them need/want him. He’s stuck in French league obscurity.

Poster boy for Uber eats.

I think Barcelona will take him back personally. They’d be mad not to anyway because I’d rather pay €200m for Neymar than €100m+ for Griezmann that’s for sure.


Do you not think injury issues seem to becoming a big part of his game now though?

There is only one set of muggy cunts gonna pay 200m+ for a footballer and unfortunately for PSG they can’t buy Neymar from themselves.


You could be right

PSG have got a fantastic deal there lol


Break even. What a well run club :kroenke:

Dembelè > Neymar

Yeah nah, Neymar healthy is a top 5 player in the world.


No way a swap deal involving 4 players comes off. Surely?

Neymar is miles better it’s not even close


Stat padding in the French league doesn’t do it for me.

He’s always injured aswell as being a massive prick.

Give me Dembelè and Mbappe over Neymar and Mbappe anyday

He is right now for sure, Dembele has all the potential in the world though.

Barca are putting together a great young core, Neymar at this point is not only a sideshow but is also increasingly injury prone, plus he left them in the dust before. I’d let him rot tbh.

But he’s got an incredible record in Spain, for Brazil, at PSG.

The difference in quality right now is light and day. Dembele hasn’t produced even a fraction of what Neymar has in his career.

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“a total prick” sounds about right

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