Ligue 1 Thread


Why is he a clown?

I have no doubt there will be an undercurrent of smugness at this news which is weird to say the least.



Why get rid of a manager you refused to ride out with in the first place if you’re just gonna bring him back :facepalm:


They are an amateur outfit, clearly.


I think his decision making wrt coaching positions reveals alot about how he ultimately overrates himself as a coach/manager and his flawed thinking tbh

I think he’s someone who chases glamour appointments and isn’t someone interested in developing real managerial ability in the trenches. It seems he was only ever really lead to Monaco position on the basis of his personal connection with the club rather than actually evaluating if he was able to improve on the abilities of a seasoned manager like Jardim.

Even then at Monaco, articles indicated that he tried to impose a style of play not suited to an ongoing relegation fight which was a major departure from the ideals of Jardim. He’s a clown in my opinion

It’s important not to forget there was a lot smugness direct G Nev after Valencia so anything directed to Henry isn’t misplaced at all


@sevchenko sitting on the fence on this one it appears :joy:


How’s Vieira doing in France?




Some might say, you’re taking the biscuit @Trion :wenger2:


It’ll be hilarious if Jardim gives them the new manager boost and they stay up.


…and then gets sacked again next year after Monaco fail to get within 20 points of PSG


It always looked like a huge mistake to take this job as his first in management, because it was clearly a mess.

How fucking incredible is it that Jardim is coming back though? Outrageous




As if that’s one of the worst things a manager has said to one of his players in the history of the game


Marseille and Lille play today.


The smugness and criticism Neville received after that stint at Valencia was bullshit though


Lille up at HT.

Lille win 2-1 FT.

2-0 Lille

2-1 Marseille


Jardim is back.


Monaco clowns lol!


well that was quick, was it worth it…what was the point of him going in the first place.