Ligue 1 Thread


33 goals in 51 Ligue 1 games in the previous two seasons is pretty good man.


I meant that he can’t stay in a team for a long time.


I think Tuchel made a blunder playing Neymar in a cup game, gets injured and now could miss the Manchester United tie.





That’s a wrap


What a waste of a few months that turned out to be. I think next time it would be advisible to take on a lesser profile job. The timing of Monaco’s problems was too much for someone of his inexperience and skills.

The Henry/Cesc reunion barely lasted a week :sweat_smile:


Hate to go there but which is worse? Neville at Valencia or Henry at Monaco.

Although in fairness, it does seem Neville learned quite a bit from his failure and is more forgiving when talking about other managers these days, I hope Henry learned a lot too because this was pretty catastrophic.


And to think he was being considered for the Arsenal job …

If he does get the sack, it will be much more difficult for him to reestablish himself as an ok coach.


If you’re suspended until they make a final decision that pretty much means they’re giving you 24hours to pack your bags :grin:

Shame it didn’t work out for him but it’s hardly a surprise. Monaco was definitely a step too far so early on in his managerial career.


:joy: Get your ass back to the SkySport studio you clown

Knowing how this club operates, Venkatesham probably wants to make him technical director now he’s available

LOL can you imagine?


Show some respect to the :crown:


Yeah the “king” who was embedded in the Arsenal coaching set up yet ended up at Sky Sports.

The guy is a clown who isn’t serious, glad he’s finally exposed


This makes no sense. With Mislintat, Sanhelli and Emery this club appointed people with experience in the job. The only serious name mentioned for the DoF position (Edu) has also experience with Corinthians and Brazil. Even if all those names might not have ones preference.


It was a deliberate exaggeration SD :man_facepalming:


Of course it was :wink:.


There’s only one man for the Monaco job… :wenger2:

The big man to team up with Fabregas and save Monaco from relegation.


Welcome back to Sky TH!

Not always a great player becomes a great manager.


Weird flex but ok


Won’t say a bad word about Henry as he gave me 8 seasons of pure joy watching Arsenal. Shame it didn’t work out for him at Monaco.