Ligue 1 Thread


Rennes-Montpellier, Angers-Nantes, Caen-Marseille, Bordeaux-Dijon and St. Etienne-Lyon today.


Man City are sticking 6 goals past ‘uddersfield and Southampton this season and presumably had chances to make that 7, 8 etc., I don’t see too much difference there with PSG tickling someone by 9 when we’re judging league disparity…


Rennes 0-0 at HT.
0-0 FT.
Both Angers and Caen draw at HT.
Marseille up against Caen.

Both Angers and Marseille win.

1-0 Angers

Bordeaux 0-0 at HT.
Bordeaux win.

St. Etienne up at HT against Lyon.

Lyon win it right at the end.

1-1 Lyon

2-1 Lyon


@Luca_from_Italy some of your vids are starting to show up with ads. Gonna have to ask you to stop posting them ones that do.


Honest question what’s the difference you can easily just close the ads ?


OA is an ad-free site mate


I don’t watch the vast majority of the videos. Got nothing to do with me being inconvenienced.


This is bound to happen. These video hosting site need to earn so those ads will increase.

Need to find a way so that Luca can fetch CDN links with ease.


Ok. Didn’t know it.



Maybe managing a team is not for him :xhaka:


Strasbourg beat them 5-1 didn’t they? This is getting really ugly for Thierry in terms of results, sad to see.

They got the french league cup still against Guingamp away, the same Guingamp that beat them 0-2 at home…


ya think!! :giroud:


Sky Sport commentator is better :wink:


Would love the :crown: back on Sky tbh missed him but that’s not the career he wants. Hope he turns it around


Smh guincamp got done by PSG 9-0 as well.

Come on Titi turn this shit around.


He is basically another Neville. He will be gone by february.



Another team for the mad fucker lol! He just can’t play football well, can he?


Nimes-Angers 3-1.

1-0 Nimes

2-0 Nimes