Ligue 1 Thread


Oh Luca


Wee man :xhaka:


Nice up at HT.

1-1 FT.


Lille and St. Etienne play at 16:00.
Lille win 3-1 and cement the 2nd place.

1-0 Lille

1-1 St. Etienne

2-1 Lille

3-1 Lille


Bordeaux-Nantes, Marsiglia-Caen, Monaco-Rennes and P.S.G.-Lyon today.
Bordeaux 3-0 up at HT.

1-0 Bordeaux. Golazo!

2-0 Bordeaux

3-0 Bordeaux

3-0 Bordeaux FT.

Monaco 1-0 down at HT, while Marseille win.

1-0 Rennes

1-0 Marseille

2-0 Marseille

Monaco lose. Marseille win, instead.

1-1 Monaco

2-1 Rennes


P.S.G. up at HT.

5-0 P.S.G. FT. Christ this league :xhaka:

2-0 P.S.G.

3-0 P.S.G.

4-0 P.S.G.

5-0 P.S.G.






4 goals in 13 minutes, Mbappe what a god :fire:


you watch as soon as messi retires barca will be on about mbappes barca dna and offering psg 50m for him…fucking scummy twats


Magnifique :giroud2:

@Luca_from_Italy amico mio tell me you got those goal vids :giroud3:

edit: thanks buddy. Still great, some of those finishes were incredible. But some really comical defending.


See above.




Wenger likes to create a team with lots of young players and Monaco have an excellent academy that trains players to play modern attacking football, he’s been at Monaco before, the pressure of performance, seems to me, to be proportional to his coaching talent, there is an element of being a relative underdog in European top football yet still good enough to actually mount a challenge, the weather down there is great for an old chap like him, Seems like a good match. Alternatively, him and Thierry together would also be a sweet thing to see.


Jardim should have left in the summer. It was clear he couldn’t repeat what he did in 2017.


Monaco has pretty much confirmed Henry will be the new coach. This will be a very interesting experiment.


got a feeling Henry will be a flop manager kinda like Neville, brilliant footballer but shit coach.


Lyon and Nimes open the 10th round up.
Lyon up at HT.


Yes @Luca_from_Italy club football is back!! :grinning: at last