Ligue 1 Thread




Leaving Nice?


Crazy what happened in the Ligue 1 promotion playoffs. Le Have scored a penalty against Ajaccio in ET and go 2-1 up. Mateta celebrated provoking the opponent fans and this thing started a brawl. 3 players got sent off and then Ajaccio equalize in the last seconds of ET to win the game on penalties in the end :rofl:


Crazy. Surprised they even knew which players to send off!



Why is there no fans at the stadium in the ligue 1 playoff final?!?!


Because Ajaccio fans behaved appallingly in the semi, they have to play their “home” leg of the final behind closed doors and not at home.

That whole match was a farce. As well as the fans destroying their rival’s bus, the action on the pitch was crazy too – Luca described/showed it above


Toulouse have basically won the tie. They are 3-0 up after the first leg.

1-0 Toulouse

2-0 Toulouse

3-0 Toulouse



Hopefully this causes a mass exodus, allowing my gones to challenge for our rightful spot at the top! Just need to promote Gouiri already and get him to beat out that useless madridista Mariano!


How many teams do you support? :xhaka:


So long as its not Arsenal, who cares…


Toulouse-Ajaccio today for the playoffs return leg.
Toulouse win 1-0 and are safe.




Neymar acting like a threatened lil bitch if true


You know what guys, I think Neymar might actually be a bit of a knob.


Tommy Tookel ain’t having none of this prima donna horse shit from Neymar next season.


He really ain’t


Mein fussball-trainer. :heart_eyes:


Can’t wait till Bumery is gone within 2 years and we get PSGs castoffs again after Neymar gets Tuchel the sack, amirite :henry2: :arteta: