Ligue 1 Thread


Marseille 1-1 at HT.

1-0 Nice. Nice goal from Super Mario!

1-1 Marseille

2-1 Marseille FT. Still in the race for the Champions League.

LOL AT GARCIA! :arteta:


Les Herbiers (3rd tier)-P.S.G. for the French Cup today. Can they make the impossible possible? :grinning:
1-0 P.S.G. at HT.

P.S.G. with the cup. 2-0 FT.





Another fine? Whatever will they do? :eyes:


Guingamp-Marseille today.


Marseille up at HT.
3-3 FT. Marseille miss the chance to go 2nd.

1-0 Marseille

2-0 Marseille

2-1 Guingamp

2-2 Guingamp

3-2 Guingamp

3-3 Marseille


All the other games are today.


Thanks. Informative.


You are welcome, even if i know it’s a dig at me :xhaka:


Amiens, Nantes, Bordeaux, Lille, Monaco, Nice, Rennes and Strasbourg win, while Montpellier draw. Monaco are 2nd and almost qualified to the Champions League.


All the goals:


1-0 Nice

2-0 Nice

3-0 Nice

4-0 Nice

4-1 Caen


1-0 Strasbourg

1-1 Lyon

2-1 Lyon

2-2 Strasbourg

3-2 Strasbourg

Monaco-St. Etienne

1-0 Monaco


1-0 Nantes

2-0 Nantes


1-0 Toulouse

1-1 Bordeaux

2-1 Bordeaux

3-1 Bordeaux

4-1 Bordeaux. Malcom! :mkhi:

4-2 Toulouse


1-0 Rennes

2-0 Rennes


1-0 Dijon

1-1 Lille

2-1 Lille


1-0 Amiens

2-0 Amiens


1-0 Troyes

1-1 Montpellier




But but Wenger could be PSG manager :rofl::rofl:


Just like Emery it’s only a two year deal.

So he could be available within a couple seasons.


I do feel sorry for you bro.


2 year deal? I don’t think this will end well for Tuchel tbh I think he’ll run into similar issues Emery had with the squad and senior management but Tuchel has a far more abrasive personality.

Can’t see the PSG superstars buying into his ideals and demands, Allegri would have been the best option ironically


Spilled my coffee.


The last round-up is today.
Marseille, Bordeaux, St. Etienne and Rennes up.

1-0 St. Etienne

1-0 Marseille

1-0 Bordeaux

1-0 Rennes

2-0 St. Etienne and 2-0 Bordeaux.

2-0 St. Etienne

2-0 Bordeaux

Nice up against Lyon! Lyon are out from the next Champions League atm.

1-1 Montpeller and 1-0 Monaco. Dijon up as well

1-1 Montpellier

1-0 Monaco

1-0 Dijon

2-0 Marseille, but Amiens pull one back immediately.

2-0 Marseille

2-1 Amiens

Nantes up

3-0 St. Etienne and game over.

Game over in Metz as well, as Bordeaux score the third.

Dijon, Nice, Marseille, Bordeaux, Nantes, St. Etienne and Monaco leading at HT, while P.S.G., Rennes and Troyes draw.

1-1 Lyon and 1-1 Angers.

1-1 Lyon

1-1 Angers

Very important lead for Toulouse, but they need P.S.G. to score against Caen to stay up without the playout.

2-0 Toulouse with Sanogo! :mustafi:

4-0 St. Etienne

Lyon up now thanks to Depay!

Guingamp pull one back! Golazo!

5-0 St Etienne

Dijon up again

2-0 Monaco. Crazy that Lopes has not been called up for Portugal.

4-0 Bordeaux

3-1 Lyon and game basically over. Depay’s hattrick.

Nice don’y give up! 3-2!

3-0 Monaco

Dijon, Lyon, Marseille, Bordeaux, Nantes, St. Etienne, Toulouse and Monaco win, while Rennes and P.S.G. draw.

Final verdicts:

Champions: P.S.G.
Champions League: Monaco and Lyon
Europa League: Marseille, Rennes and Bordeaux
Playout: Toulouse
Relegated: Troyes and Metz


Gutting for Marseille. Losing out on a Champions League place for the second time in four days.


Cheers again for the clips and the final verdicts @Luca_from_Italy really helping me follow different leagues, even if it’s only a little bit :grinning:

No real surprises in the league this season