Ligue 1 Thread


The sky coverage tends to be better, I think that’s because it goes through the sky app. I tried watching the champions league on my phone and it was impossible!


Payet is standing getting ready to take a FK and the commentator screams GOAL ffs

Fuck Virgin TV


I wasn’t suggesting he was a better target, this was like the 2nd time I’ve seen him and it was for like 30 minutes hence why I was asking burgundy and you all about him. Surprised he isn’t linked more because he’s French young and there seems to be a lot of hype around him. #1 on that list of young talents that Burgundy posted a while back which surprised me and made me reconsider him because I thought he was just a name that people who don’t actually watch football on twitter spouted because he’s been on these young talent lists for years now.


What show is it?!?!


The Ndombele! show.

He just got the assist of the assist for Aouar’s goal & could of had two assist to his name in that 1st half, that save from Mandanda to touch Cornets shot onto the post was incredible.




1-0 Lille

1-1 Monaco

2-1 Monaco


1-0 Nice

1-1 P.S.G.

2-1 P.S.G.


1-0 Marseille

1-1 Lyon

2-1 Lyon

2-2 Marseille

2-3 Lyon




Ironic as France has a much higher Chinese population relative to the UK.

Sorry to be that guy, but then not so much cos fuck that ultra.


Massive win for Lyon in terms of the fight for the final Champions League place with Marseille.


It’s a pity they can’t really seem to make that final step. But at this point really noone can compete with PSG. The fact that one League is completely dominated by one team is sad itself, but the manner it has gone in in France is even more pathetic.


Though Monaco actually did win the League last season, so at least PSG have won some stupid amount of League titles straight.


It wasn’t as bad as in other leagues, PSG only won 4 in a row. My mate Oli G won the title in 2012 :sunglasses:



Dijon-Marseille and the League Cup final between P.S.G. and Monaco today.
Marseille up at HT. What a move!

3-1 FT for Marseille.

2-1 Marseille

3-1 Marseille


P.S.G. up thanks to Cavani’s penalty.

2-0 Di Maria. Perfect pass on counter from Mbappè.


Disallowed goal for Falcao. It was the right decision, as he was just offside.
2-0 P.S.G at HT. Easier in France than in Europe, right? :wink:


3-0 FT. Cavani with the 3rd. P.S.G. win the cup.


The league is back today with Lyon and Nantes.
Nantes lose 3-0. Debuchy on the scoresheet again.

1-0 St. Etienne

2-0 St. Etienne

3-0 St. Etienne

Nice win as well.

1-0 Nice

2-0 Nice

Lyon 2-0 up at HT.

1-0 Lyon

2-0 Lyon

2-0 Lyon FT.