Ligue 1 Thread


P.S.G. play Angers today due to their League Cup final at the end of march.
2-0 P.S.G. at HT. A brace for Mbappè.

1-0 P.S.G.

2-0 P.S.G.

2-1 P.S.G. FT.


Monaco-Lille this evening.
2-1 Monaco FT.


@Luca_from_Italy we need a video of the Ligue 2 match, where two Auxerre players had a fight with each other and got sent off – you know, like Dyer and Bowyer for Newcastle all those years ago :grin:


I am coming back home tomorrow, then i am gonna check.


Nice-P.S.G. and Marseille-Lyon today.


Watching my team Nice. Positive start against PSG.

Balotelli hits the post!




Milly rockin’ as well :joy:

Edit. Ffs Di Maria 1-1


Peak Balotelli on show today :rofl:



How do you rate him? Name I’m surprised isn’t linked more with Arsenal, put the PSG-Nice game on the telly this afternoon and the commentators were raving about him.

Also that dribble by Mbappe :heart_eyes:


P.S.G. win. Bloody hell! This league is the most boring ever.


I don’t really, as an athlete you don’t get much better and he’s got a lot of raw attributes but I’ve always found him too direct and too wasteful.

He’d probably be very useful as that weak side winger like Coman under Pep, against any fullback 1v1 he’s a mismatch. I always thought Oxlade would do very well in a system that could get him in those type of situations often also.


There are other, better wingers we should be after before Saint-Maximin. Bailey >



Nice had chances to win the game and put up a great fight. Superb end to end game tbh. The loss was harsh. Nice played it out from the back superbly at times and matched PSG. Dante needs to be upgraded though, such a weak link IMO. Seri and Cyprien though :heart_eyes:


The Ndombele show


Sad that it also comes with a appearance of Mr “IQ in the negatives” Mariano.


I wonder why he keeps playing cornet after his terrible performance vs cska and before that.


Virgin TV Go sucks so bad, the commentary is 10 seconds ahead of the fucking picture.

I’m better off using an illegal stream