Ligue 1 Thread


Monaco-Dijon this evening.
Monaco win 4-0 in the end.

1-0 Monaco

2-0 Monaco

3-0 Monaco

4-0 Monaco


P.S.G. back in action against Strasbourg today. They are gonna destroy them easily :roll_eyes:

Indeed. They are 1-0 down :arteta:

1-1 Draxler

Game over. 2-1 and 3-1 in a row.

2-1 Neymar

3-1 Di Maria

Strasbourg pull one back!

Nice finish from Cavani.

Wow! Another superb finish from Cavani!

5-2 FT for P.S.G.


Nice-Nantes 1-1 at HT.

1-0 Nice

1-1 Nantes

1-1 FT. Nantes remain 5th.


Lyon 2-0 up at HT against Lille.

1-0 Lyon

2-0 Lyon

2-2 FT. Lyon are one of the most wasteful teams in the world :facepalm:

1-2 Lille

2-2 Lille. Golazo!


Marseille up against Bordeaux at HT.


15 goals 10 assists in the league for Thauvin now. Crazy numbers for a guy I thought was shit not too long ago.


Marseille win and remain 3rd.


Strasbourg-Montpellier today.



The biggest football superstars are so high profile these days, plus with social media pervading everywhere, the lies clubs tell (or are forced to tell) to explain their stupid absences are getting increasingly awkward


Anyone watched much of Toulouse? What’s he like?

He’s made 86 first team appareances for them and he is only 19! :hushed:


This would be a typical Wenger signing: young, with potential and french :wenger2:


Strasbourg 0-0 at HT.
0-0 FT.




When was the last time we signed someone with that profile? Sanogo? And before him?

French Football is experiencing a boom and Wenger has kept himself out of it. The Idiot.


Monaco play Toulouse today.


Good. You can watch it and tell me how Alban gets on :grin:


I am out :grimacing:


Sanogoat doing Sanogoat things.


Better finish than Welbeck, tbh.

3-3 FT. Monaco wasted a 2-goal lead.

1-0 Monaco

1-1 Toulouse

2-1 Monaco

3-1 Monaco

2-3 Toulouse

3-3 Toulouse