Ligue 1 Thread




VAR sent off Mbappe


Fucking hell that challenge, Sarr just came back from a long ankle injury caused by a bad tackle.

FFS Sarr injured again




See, see, seeeeeee

Long live VAR.




Marseille play Metz this evening. A chance to cement their 2nd place.
Marseille up at HT.

1-0 Marseille

2-0 Marseille

3-0 Marseille

6-3 Marseille FT. Wow! They are second now.

4-0 Marseille

5-0 Marseille

5-1 Metz

6-1 Marseille

6-2 Metz

6-3 Metz


Thauvin looks to have had a huge game.

6 shots, 3 goals and 1 assist. 2.63 xG+A.

23 goals & assists in 24 games and has the xG to match those numbers.



Can’t be bothered to use the faces but so deserving. :joy:


Flopped at Newcastle, but now he is back on track. Can he go to the WC?


P.S.G. up at HT against Lille.

3-0 FT for P.S.G.

2-0 P.S.G. Amazing free kick.

3-0 P.S.G. Great chip.





That goal from Lo Celso :open_mouth::open_mouth:

Every time I watch him he looks pretty class, btw.


Monaco-Lyon today.


BT Sport, Monaco v Lyon, only 10 minutes gone so far.

Three young midfielders that can play in Arsenal’s midfield right now.

Aouar, Fabinho & Ndombele.


Lyon up thanks to Diaz. Subasic cocked up and got injured trying to prevent the goal.

2-0 Traorè with a nice touch in the box. Lyon are always dangerous in a big game.


Monaco are weak this season defensively. I take it as the Championship hangover.


Keita golazo! Game on!