Ligue 1 Thread


Monaco 2-0 up at HT against St. Etienne

1-0 Monaco

2-0 Monaco

4-0 Monaco FT. They are secondo atm.

3-0 Monaco

4-0 Monaco


Luiz Araujo seems to be a top player, one that definitely deserves to scouted.


P.S.G. 2-0 up at HT against Rennes. Neymar and Mbappè.

1-0 P.S.G.

2-0 P.S.G.


Nice assist from Mbappe for the first goal :ok_hand:


4-1 FT for P.S.G. Cavani and Neymar again.

1-2 Rennes

1-3 P.S.G.

1-4 P.S.G.


Lyon 1-0 up against Marseille at HT. Fekir thanks to goalie’s howler.

2-0 FT for Lyon who go 2nd along with Monaco


Filthy stuff by Edinson Cavani.

Loving the goal updates @Luca_from_Italy

For a pesto boy, you’re not so bad! :giroud:


Italians do it better, you angus :ozil2:


P.S.G, Monaco and Lyon up at HT, while Marseille draw.

1-0 P.S.G. Cavani and Mbappè :giroud3:

1-0 Monaco

1-0 Lyon

1-0 Troyes

1-1 Marseille

Monaco, P.S.G, Lyon and Marseille all win.

Rennes 1-1

Monaco 2-1

2-0 P.S.G.

3-0 P.S.G.

2-1 Marseille

3-1 Marseille

2-0 Lyon



He should replace Sanchez now, not Ozil, albeit they are different players. Mesut must stay :kos2:


Fekir would be perfect replacement for Sanchez.


Yep replacing a fucker with a fekir is always the best way to go!


I don’t get the hate towards Sanchez.
He gave his best.

PS - I get the joke.


He sure aint now, if you think he is giving his best i don’t know what to tell you. He plays for himself alone.


The scouting is being done for Wenger.

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He will look at them put it back down thinking it is a good read then proceed to tell us how he nearly signed half of them. :xhaka:


Fabinho at #3, surprising.


But when your xG/shot is in the single digits, that excuse runs thin. To put it frankly, Malcom has bad shot discipline. The only reason why it’s not been talked about more often is because he’s converted 15% of his shots from outside the penalty area (4/27). And while people remember the goals, the misses stack up too:


It doesn’t really seem surprising that a 20-year old has bad shot discipline.