Ligue 1 Thread


You know we will scout him to death just to miss out on him to a big club, don’t you? :hipster:


Wow Strasbourg! Cocky P.S.G. put in their place :smiley:



Marseille miss the chance to go 7 points behind P.S.G.



I am surprised Wenger doesn’t buy in France anymore. There are a lot of talents there.


Cometh the Aouar, cometh the man


Strasbourg leading Bordeaux 2-0 at HT.



3-0 Strasbourg FT.


Amazing run but that defence was pathetic, up there with Coquelin vs Capoue.


P.S.G. leading Lille at HT. Di Maria.

3-1 FT for P.S.G. Pastore and Mbappè with the others 2 goals.

Pastore 2-0

El-Ghazi 2-1

Mbappè 3-1. What a burst of speed!


Monaco down against Troyes. They are having a mare atm.


Big comeback for Monaco. 2-0 down with 20 minutes to go, they win it 3-2 in the end.

2-0 Troyes

1-2 Monaco

2-2 Monaco

3-2 Monaco


Good comeback from Lyon to beat Amiens and keep the 2nd spot.

1-0 Amiens

1-1 Lyon

2-1 Lyon

Nice beat Nantes 2-1.

1-0 Nantes

1-1 Nice

2-1 Nice


Aouaron Ramsey with dem runs :giroud2:


Marseille leading St.Etienne at HT.

3-0 FT for Marseille. They are 2nd along with Monaco and Lyon.

2-0 Marseille

3-0 Marseille


Anyone interesting to poach @Burgundy?


even if there was they wont be coming here, they need money clubs already know we go with the miserly approach. Why get £15m from us when a club like chavski will pay double what we will without blinking.


The last player we bought from Ligue 1 was £50m.