Ligue 1 Thread


Mbappè’s own goal :arteta:

2-1 FT for P.S.G. 9 points above Monaco and Lyon now.






Love players with old man names


Self centered Wenger , is all about him. Wenger wenger wenger.


Amiens and Bordeaux win, while Caen draw.


One for @JakeyBoy :wink:


He’s now one of my favourite players since signing him on FM, regularly scores screamers for me too :grinning:


He’s Nas’s look-alike


I guess Malcom’s debut album would be called Skillmatic


I guess Malcolm’s first action when/if he joins the PL, would be to get a restraining order on @JakeyBoy


I’m sure it would be granted, after all, I have made three posts about him on a football forum lol


That’s enough.


Another defeat for Monaco! Terrible season for them atm. Lyon lose as well.
P.S.G. 0-0 at HT against Troyes.
2-0 FT. Cavani and Neymar.

1-0 Neymar

2-0 Cavani


Bordeaux 2-1 up at HT against Dijon. Malcom with a golazo. What a talent he is!



these are the sorta deals we should be getting. Go get players like Malcom before everyone starts going after them. This is what we miss out on with dallying and then when they are quite established they have everyone after them and can easily choose from the top clubs like RM, Barca etc and they cost £60m+


3-2 Dijon FT.


Haha having met Nas before, I just don’t see it at all…