Ligue 1 Thread


Looks like their fans want to end his career, too.


Buy Fekir. Buy buy buy.

Not gonna happen :frowning:


Should have moved when he was still injured so Lyon wouldn’t have asked crazy money for him. Now it’s too late.


Imagine the shit Wenger would have got for making this move.

If he’s good enough to be worth crazy money we can pay crazy money.


Even if we are willing to pay it won’t happen, Fekir will have more attractive clubs to join than Arsene Wenger’s Arsenal.


Yeah Fekir will be on the wish list of a lot more clubs now.

Another one to add to the “We could have signed him a couple of seasons ago” list.


Mate, we are Arsenal. We have to buy the players before they become too famous.


Those teams can pick up Ozil for free :stuck_out_tongue:.


Maybe Lacazette can lure him over.




Another Mbappè. We always scout a lot of players, but then we never get them.


Lille-Saint Etienne 3-1 FT. Now Monaco.
Monaco down.
1-1 FT. Jovetic equalizes for Monaco.


Hope Ranieri can pull out a miracle against P.S.G. today.


Fuck me! Nantes aren’t bad, but P.S.G. are something else. 2-0 at HT.
Nantes pull one back!
3-1 Pastore.
4-1 Cavani again. Meh…
4-1 P.S.G. FT. 6 points above Monaco now.


Lyon only 0-0 against Montpellier.


Saint-Etienne 1-1 at HT against Strasbourg.
2-2 FT.


Lyon 4-0 up at HT. Depay’s brace.

Depay 1-0

Cornet 2-0

Diaz 3-0

Depay 4-0

5-0 FT. Maolida.

Monaco-P.S.G. this evening.


The pass by Aouar for the 3rd goal is so good.


What a miss by Mbappè!

1-0 Cavani.

1-0 P.S.G. at HT.


Mbappe clearly doesn’t want to decide whether he should celebrate against his parent club or not. That’s the only logical explanation for him missing three one on ones.