Ligue 1 Thread


Rennes-Bordeaux 1-0 at HT.
Rennes win.


Juliaaan. :de:


Already 2-0 up :xhaka:


This kid…


Fuck me!


Who was that down the wing, Kylian? He runs hilariously. :laughing:




*gay alert


wish the ditherer would have gotten him before he was really well known could have been a star for us. Mind you we might of got him and put him in the youths and then use him sparingly and then out of position ‘for his education’


Mbappè as wing-back. You heard it first :xhaka:


5-0 FT for P.S.G. Well, they look good, aren’t they?


Monaco 4-0 up at HT against Guingamp.


Amazing what the team can accomplish when you just buy up all the good players. PSG is good, in other news water is wet and bears shit in the woods.


Monaco respond with a 6-0 against Guingamp.






now he is the type of player we need behind lacazette!


Can we just buy Ferkir please


Fuck, guy just received a straight red for trying to end Fekir’s career.


And he scores again, his 9th of the league campaign. Nice pass by Aouar before the goal.

Fekir again!

Haha, Fekir took his shirt off and did the Messi celebration, fans ran on the pitch and players have been taken to the dressing room.