Ligue 1 Thread


Mbappe needs to play striker anyway.


Not surprised. P.S.G. are a bunch of greedy cunts. They aren’t a team.


It’s only September :joy: Neymars ego is a bit embarrassing at times.


Neymar is a weird one. Sometimes he seems like a surprisingly well-spoken guy when you hear him talk, later he does shit like this, or you go to Barcelona and talk to people there and realise he goes out too much, or see him at the discoteque with his bandana on after a game looking like he and Jesé would get on great.



Neymar apparantly has apologised for his actions in front of the whole dressing room.


I hope that’s true :joy::joy:

Honestly he has a lot of growing up to do. He can lead a team to success but he needs to act like a captain an be more statesmen like. He’s only just joined the team and he’s already throwing a fit over not taking a penalty.


Nice-Angers and Lille-Monaco. Let’s see if Bielsa is gonna lose another game :thinking:
Nice 2-2.
Indeed. Bielsa 2-0 down at HT.
4-0 FT. Bielsa to get the sack soon.



I’d forgotten how fun Balotelli is.


Get in Montpellier! 0-0 against P.S.G.


Joke of a club :neutral_face:


The coach could just say Neymar takes penalties, like every other club in the world.


Neymar is such a fucking pansy, it’s so cringeworthy.



Monaco to play Montpellier today to forget the Champions League.


1-0 Monaco at HT.
1-1 FT FFS! Big gift to P.S.G.!


P.S.G.-Bordeaux now.
Game in over in less than 15 minutes. Cavani and Neymar.




3-0 Meunier.