Ligue 1 Thread


I bet they’ll be good enough on Tuesday :sweat_smile:


He did get some criticsm for how he performed with Sevilla in La Liga. Too boring and (overly) defensive. Can’t see the game, but that’s maybe what’s happening here too.


This current P.S.G. side don’t look unbeatable.


They better play the way they did today during our game.



Forgot Balotelli made his debut tonight.


Won & converted a (soft) penalty 7 minutes in.


You beat me to it! :stuck_out_tongue:
1-1 Thauvin. The keeper was a bit at fault.


It was Seri that won the penalty


Balotelli is always good from set pieces.
I must admit he has been the best player on the pitch. He looks eager to impress.
Great save by Nice’s goalie to deny Thauvin another goal.
Bit of a boring second half. Only Balotelli is trying something.
2-1 Marseille. Gomis’s penalty.
Balotelli again! 2-2!
Howler by Pele and 3-2 Nice.
Nice and Monaco top the table.


Balotelli always looks interested in first few games. Its the last 25 or so where he goes missing or crashes his car or something.


Yeah, he is probably gonna finish his season in Montecarlo casinò.


From Inter to City to Milan to Liverpool to Nice.

Is he the biggest case of someone throwing away his career because of immaturity/foolishness?


Eh, it’s speculation if he would’ve been that good in the first place if he were a dedicated player. His attitude obviously is an issue but I kinda doubt he would’ve been a top player with a better one. He’s just not that good.


Players with lesser attributes have made it big with good attitude. Balotelli clearly had/has talent & you can even see he has a natural feel/instinct to the game.
You can’t be hired by City, Inter, Milan & Italian National Team without being talented. He even performed for each team in reasonable amount of matches to display his talent.


The finishing fairy is with Cavani tonight.


4 goals for Cavani! Wow! Thanks god he didn’t find his goalscoring boots on tuesday :wenger:


Gomis trying his best to put off Balotelli.


PSG play against Dijon today.
3-0 FT. Cavani scored again.


Nice beating Monaco 2-0 (Balotelli scored one). They would top the league with this win.