Ligue 1 Thread

Yep. PSG are even worse seeing as they have three of them playing at the one time not interesting in defending

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Marseille up to 2nd place, does CL football beckon for Guen and Saliba if they sign permanent deals ?

None of the French clubs below PSG seem consistent, even 12th has 21 points to 2nd place’s 29.

Fuck that’s awful keeping from Navas.

i can see conte leaving and going to manu and spuds getting poch again.

Or, Man Utd get Poch.

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Some rumours recently that players have lost faith in Pochettino. The latest one has Messi questioning his tactics and ability to manage the dressing room.

Can’t wait for United to hire him and him to fail.

Watching Marseille, god I hope England don’t return to football with no fans.

How are Saliba and Guendo doing?

Saliba hasn’t really had a great deal to do, Guen has been buzzing about.

Maybe we can get some proper money for Guendouzi in that case?

PSG is a graveyard for managers. Cunt club full of cunts :man_shrugging:t4:

Yeah not sure how it works. If that deal is already agreed, they might be allowed to still push it through. Chelsea were still able to sign Kovacic when they had a transfer ban because of this.


Interesting development, could workout well for Arsenal depending on the type of ban

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Would it, has he done much to push his value up?

He’d be back with a year left, still see teams putting in trash offers.

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Is this perhaps why Mbappe is delaying his move to Madrid?

Exactly. I don’t think it really matters who they bring in as manager. That manager will bite the dust in the end. The club is full of arrogant pricks. The need an attitude overhaul.

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