Level-Headed of the Year 2016


This poll will close on Thursday 15th December 19:00

  • A.F.
  • Burgundy
  • Craigie
  • CunningLinguist
  • Ljungbergkamp
  • Midfield_Maestro
  • Mysty
  • Persona
  • PPB

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A new award for 2016, who will win the Level Headed of Year? Vote now!

@A.F. @Burgundy @Craigie @CunningLinguist @Ljungbergkamp @Midfield_Maestro @Mysty @Persona @PPB

OA Awards 2016

Me? Y’all on crack? :joy:

sensible, practical, realistic, prudent, circumspect, pragmatic, wise, reasonable, rational, mature, commonsensical, full of common sense, judicious, sound, sober, businesslike, no-nonsense, sane, composed, calm, cool, collected, {cool, calm, and collected}, serene, relaxed, at ease, confident, well balanced, equable, moderate, unworried, unmoved, unemotional, cool-headed, hard-headed, balanced, self-possessed, unruffled, even-tempered, imperturbable, reliable, dependable, with one’s


I deserved to be on that list :angry:



Has to be Craigie


How does Persona even get on this list?


I’m sure one of his personalities is quite level-headed. :joy:


I’m going for Burgundy, never seen him ruffled by anything or anyone, and his posts are pretty much always sensible.


I’ve gone for @Craigie . He’s been on here nearly five years and I can’t ever remember a time where he’s lost the plot or said anything out of line, always very considered and consistent in his opinions and rational :slight_smile:


PPB has to be the least biased poster on here.


Fucking scandalous that my @Luca_from_Italy nomination didn’t get on the ballot for this one.


All very good posters but gone for Craigie.

Thanks for the nomination (and vote) whoever it was, chuffed with that.


9 excellent and intelligent posters there really, can’t see how you can even choose 'twixt one or t’other


[quote=“Robin_L, post:13, topic:1011, full:true”]
9 excellent and intelligent posters there really, can’t see how you can even choose 'twixt one or t’other
[/quote]How about oweing one back to your old Snake mobile rival for letting you have the top score? :cristo: :wink:


Well done Craigie, first winner of the new award :smiley:

Voting Results

@Craigie - 8 votes
@Burgundy - 6 votes
@PPB - 5 votes
@ljungbergkamp - 4 votes
@Midfield_Maestro - 3 votes
@Mysty - 3 votes
@Persona - 3 votes
@A.F - 2 votes
@CunningLinguist - 1 vote


I voted Burgundy but Craigie is very worthy winner and a great group of posters!




@Persona - 3 votes

Troll votes are still votes. Many vielen danks.


Well done Craigsta


Yeah! My boy Craigie wins! Congrats my dood, well deserved.