Leon Goretzka


For in the position we are with 3 comparable clubs in terms of spending power it makes more sense to go out find 4 or 5 players with the profile of Goretzka age and experience wise and build like that. For how much I like Griezmann, we’re not going to sign guys like that.


So you think you can buy Messi or players from oil money clubs like Verrati? Why do City/Chelsea/Liverpool never sell us players? What about Bayern telling United to stop sending huge bids for Muller (close to the world record IIRC) because they weren’t selling no matter the price. Do you think United will sell us Pogba?

And Pogba being a case in point, a world record and 300k a week (if not more) for a player who floats in and out of games and doesn’t put in much of a defensive shift. That’s what you have to pay to get a player from a top team.

Like it or not we aren’t likely to start dropping 90-100m on single players. In fact we’re definitely not, it’s not how we’re run.


More rumours for this one.


Get him now!


Very talented youngster, it will be a good purchase.
If he does join us, hope he will play alongside Ozil and Sanchez, not as replacement.


Per, Mustafi and Ozil will be key to us securing this. If we are genuinely interested.


Definitely. Our German contingent should be far better used in these situations.

The guy looks like someone that could play the more advanced role if paired with Xhaka.

Not sure if Wenger is ready to cash in on the British core but ideally there could/should potentially be 2 players going from the midfield alone.


Cant see them give us Sead and this guy in the same window


Well they’ve got no leverage when it comes to the former and Goretzka doesn’t seem keen to sign a new deal either.

If they’re pragmatic they’d cash in rather than the same thing happening twice, his deal ends in 2018.



Yet another indication it’s the #BayernLiga


Real Madrid are the Man U of La Liga and Bayern Munich are the Man U of the Bundesliga.

If Goretzka does go there, not only are Bayern getting a good player, they not even paying for the privilege, and Schalke lose a player and are getting nothing in return.

No wonder they are the most hated club in Germany, a bit like Man U are here.


Did the same with Lewandowski too didnt they? I hate how these fucking clubs gets all these big talents on a free so they can spend their money on huge superstars. They are utterly raping the game now its unfair especially to other clubs in their league. Not only that, when they go for a superstar instead of paying up what they do is tap up and baulk at the fees slapped on the player so get them to either end their contracts so they can get them free or really low ball but at the same time turn the players head…fucking scummy club!


Bundesliga is an utterly dull league. Let’s hope RB spice it up next season.


Free transfer! That’s what Wenger loves most :wink:


Quite the idiot if he stays at Schalke for another year, which is surprising, because Goretzka is really bright. If the suggested model of leaving on a free next year turns out to be true, he’ll be rewarded handsomely and play at a top club. However, it also means he’ll be staying another year at the Schalke asylum, where mediocre coaches, mediocre team mates and mediocre football are a daily reality. That might be alright for teenage talents, but he’ll be 23 come next summer and that is surely too many important years wasted at a weak ass club. He should leave right now and go to a club like Dortmund/Arsenal/Liverpool and play an important role there.


Shalke are digging their heels in though and I’m not sure he’s ready to do a Draxler and play like shit or stink up the place with attitude to force a move?

Could hand in a transfer request but again is that how he gets down? Perhaps he feels a sense of loyalty to them in a way.



Has there been anywhere else that suggests we’ve made an actual bid for him?


I thought this guy was off to Bayern anyway


Signing a player like Goretzka would undermine Ramsey’s position. I’m in favour of that, but I don’t think Wenger is prepared to do so yet.