Leon Goretzka

According to Bild Juventus and Arsenal are both after him. He’s got one-year left on his contract.

Juve bound then


Bein Sport too apparently.

I think he & Tolisso are similar types (?) and Tolisso to Juve looks done or at least close.

If Khedira, Sturaro and/or Lemina (could be for a varierty of reasons lack of playing time/development/injuries) all leave they probably need more than one midfielder. I feel like they are a club who isn’t afraid to invest in squad depth either.

Pjanic has grown but hasn’t been a resounding success this season. Lemina isn’t really that good. Sturaro is a solid squad option at best. Khedira will probably leave to go to MLS or something. Marchisio, I believe, is in the wrong side of 30.

Midfield is the area on the pitch Juventus are most desperate to improve after losing Pirlo, Vidal and Pogba in the last couple seasons.

Verratti, Goretzka, Tolisso are their main targets according to reports.

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According to BeIN Sports, Arsenal is talking to the agent of Leon Goretzka. #Arsenal

Silly season is nearly upon us. Big unit, quick, can drive the ball through the midfield with his surging runs, good close control and technique for a big man. Reminds me of Vieira. Would give our midfield another dimension.

What the fuck are we doing with central mids. Fuck Goretzka.

Elneny, Coquelin, Xhaka, Ramsey, Wilshere and the youths are enough projects.

World class or nothing man.

We both know that’s not going to happen.

Maybe for Xhaka and Wilshere none of those guys probably has his potential and that’s a big maybe. If it means anything to be be a German international at age 22 at least.

These types of signing we are going to need to build our future upon anyway. We’re not signing Kroos.


Maybe Goretzka is world class. I mean I’m not saying he is but maybe he is/will be, he’s a 22yo German international, 6’2 powerhouse, with great technique and close control, that’s pretty rare. I’d probably prefer Bakayoko to do the same job though.

Our most realistic chance of getting a world class player is getting one who’s about to blow up.

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all our players are ‘about to blow up’ until all of a sudden they become flops.

We have the resources, we should be using them.

All the world class players are already at top clubs who won’t sell and the players wouldn’t want to come to a club of our level anyway. Vieira, Fabregas, Henry are 3 up and coming players who worked out alright.

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So where do these world class players come from when the top clubs actually sign them then?


They’re usually signed as ‘talents with big potential’ way before they become world class. IE

Arsenal: Henry, Vieira, Anelka, Fabregas, RVP, Nasri - none world class when signed
United: CR7, Rooney, Ferdinand - none world class when signed

Does Goretzka have that level of potential? I haven’t watched him enough to say but he has attributes that can’t be learned later in football, ie size/power/pace/first touch/passing range/technique/close control.

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thats just not true.

Which world class players are available then?

Almost every player is available if the price is right and the wages are correct. I will forever believe that.


Ain’t that the truth.

You’d quickly be looking at some pretty nutty numbers for a lot of players then.

At the risk of turning this into another “what is world class? no you’re wrong, that’s not it” discussion, I think most players aren’t really world class in most people’s eyes until they play for a top club. There’s a reason that when you ask someone to do a world XI it’s full of Barca and Madrid players and it’s probably not necessarily that they are actually the finest individuals in the world (though many of them obviously are). Their flaws are less exposed, they get more chances to score/create, win more often and win trophies so many people then decide they’re world class. Is Sergio Ramos the finest CB in the world? No, probably not. Is he always up there in people’s best XIs? Yes because he plays 50 games a season at the “top level”, is part of what’s usually a decent enough defence and he wins headers to score goals and wins major trophies. Would Tottenham’s Modric have been anywhere near anyone’s best XI? Probably not. Madrid’s? Possibly yes.

You get those rarities that stick around at a non-top club for a decent amount of time like Bale, Modric, Suarez (though all their stocks greatly rose once they’d “done it” at a top club IMO) but on the whole what I would think most people on here would say is world class isn’t necessarily what clubs are signing.

One thing I’ve really noticed looking at this forum for the past year is that many people are really scared to label players world class. He’s a great player - but he’s not world class! If Sanchez and Ozil are in any way not world class, then top clubs aren’t signing world class players. Looking at Barcelona’s transfer history, their only world class signings in the last 5 years have been Suarez, Villa and Fabregas and people probably wouldn’t call Fabregas world class anymore (if ever? but I still think our Fabregas was definitely world class).

Neymar for example is the kind of player that I think people would love to say wasn’t proven in Europe and was therefore not world class when he was signed even if he was tearing it up, but most people would probably say he was now. But if he’d spent the last 3 years in Brazil and was still the same level of player, I think people would question it.