Leicester City


I know it’s petty, but I’m kind of enjoying their complete disintegration after last season.

Shows how much of a fluke it actually was, even if they were doing things right.


Or perhaps it shows how absolutely awesome and essential Kante is :grin:


I would still take Mahrez here, it’s certain he’ll leave if Leicester don’t have any progress in the champions league.


He was clearly important, but he didn’t carry the team for 35 games on his back.

He didn’t make the strikers score or the defenders defend.


I’d not like Mahrez here. It would hamper Chamberlain’s development.


:joy: Chamberlain’s lack of tactical awareness is what hampers Chamberlain’s development

I’d take Mahrez.


:joy: I like Ox but Mahrez is much better.


Yep, i am especially happy for their cocky fans. They thought to be the greatest team in the world for a fucking fluke win.


Ox left Mahrez right. :wink:


Leicester showed a great example on how to win the league without oil money.


Leicester was an example that once in a while a team assembles and everything just falls into place.

Money just makes it more likely, and its not remotely sustainable without it.


We should make a massive offer for mahrez next season or reus-aubameyang.


The Aguero winner in injury time was more of a fluke win than Leciester pissing it by ten points imo.


We’ve also got several 6 year old wingers in the academy that would have their Arsenal career’s killed by a move for Mahrez. Can’t have that. Not under Arsene’s watch.


Win the League by 10 points one season and 29 Points off the nearly halfway through the next. Still give me that any day over 2 top 4 finishes without winning it.


We should sign kasper shmichel


I doubt your club, whoever they’d be, would agree.


Yeah I agree he’s a great keeper and would be even better at a top club, no bias from me


He won’t be at Leicester next year that’s for sure, will probably end up at city or Liverpool but I think I’d take him ahead of shezny or ospina to replace cech if we’re gonna do that next season


Agreed plus he’ll be cheap as chips I think