Leicester City


Because irregular occurrences can happen and occaisionally everything falls into place for a team that enables an unlikely victory.

That doesn’t change the fact that money and subsequently higher resources allow for consistent and reliable competativeness.

Leicesters league form this season and inability to keep a key player Kante makes that abruptly clear.


There’s a lot of hostility in this thread which is a shame. We’re all missing out on a chance to laugh at Jamie Vardy. Everyone should be able to get on that bandwagon.


Until he throws his Premier League medal, our players should have, in your face.


I’d still laugh at him. To paraphrase Churchill, one day Arsenal will win the league again and Vardy will still be a racist.


Just like Liverpool ehh :wink:. 27 years and counting.



Yeah I’m not really worried about the club turning into Liverpool. Once Arsene leaves (next year, maybe?) I think things will change for the better … probably quickly.


I wonder if Vardy did opt to join us would he be riding the pine or would Sanchez be on a wing ?


Im interested to know yours and anyone else views on this.
How much of a gap/gulf do people think we have over Liverpool as a club, brand or whatever.
Personally without landing leagues or showing in the CL, I dont think its significantly big.


As a brand I still think Liverpool are bigger than Arsenal.


Your crazy


As a brand we are worth considerably more and are subsequently a few steps ahead.


They have the more glamorous history but I’d have to disagree with that statement in this day and age.


Liverpool haven’t been relevant since 2009.


And Alexis only picked us because we have better shopping centers.




Terrible red card today to send Vardy off, but they came back by a great fight and get a point… good job…


It was an orange for me… tough call. Who’d be a ref?!


we went for the ball, studs not going forward (if I remember it right), fighting off an opponent and fell, body contact was afterwards… not even a yellow for me


Straight red for me. There was no contact because the defender held back. had he tried t tackle, he would have been on the end of two footet challenge.


Depends where. Not in the middle east or Africa, but in northern Europe yes.

Very regionally specific I’d say. But globally Arsenal beat Liverpool, maybe not domestically.