Leicester City


Yeah, i thought they would make the top 10 at least. They are just utter embarassing, instead.


He’s done nothing in the league. Two goals and an assist is what he has and we are in December.

Vardy and Mahrez are both back at their levels


At Least Mahrez has performed in the Champions League.


You really cant fluke the league tbh. Top teams all having issues is one thing, but a team like Leciester landing the title was still an incredible achievment.


It irks me that people see it as some kind of failing we didn’t win the league purely because Leicester are not part of the status quo.


We out of all our traditional rivals had the most settled team the most settled manager and had won the most trophies over the rest of them in the previous two seasons.

That was our league title to lose Ollie. We fucked it.

Not taking anything away from Leicester who were fantastic and deserved winners.

On the plus side though Spurs will feel worse after bottling it more than us. Somehow finishing 3rd in a two horse race :joy::joy::joy:


It irks me that we came ten points behind Leicester fucking City and that some people don’t see this as a massive failing and missed opportunity.

Each to their own though eh mate? :grin:


I would find this funny if we hadn’t done it before as well lol


Regardless you should find Spurs keeping our ‘above Spurs’ record intact on their own, really funny. :joy:

They needed i believe just one win from last 3 games to seal the spot.


The own failures always trump the failures of rivals.


Well duh but the point is Spurs had one of their best seasons ever and we had one of our most disappointing seasons ever, and we still finished above them even after the media kept whacking off to the idea of whether they could win the title or not. That’s about one of the funniest things I’d seen. A consolation prize for not winning the league.


It’s not a failing though. That’s the point, they won the league deservedly.


If you’re going for the title and you only get 71 points, you failed. It doesn’t matter one bit who the team that got 81 points was.




That’s absolutely fine.

But that’s isolated to Arsenal and whoever wins the league has no bearing on that. Saying ‘lol we lost the league to fucking Leicester’ is however just arrogant and ignorant of how a)difficult is to win the league and b) how difficult it is to win anything when we aren’t one of the big 4-6 teams.


We did bottle an excellent chance last season.

Man, what would have been if we played our second team against West Brom & avoided injuries to Santi & Coquelin.


We got 29 points from our last 18 League games that is a failure in anyones book when we led the League after 20 matches.


Why do you keep bringing up them deserving to win when nobody is denying that they deserved it?

If you don’t think it was a failing then you have no standards.


You have clearly misunderstood me. They do though, by using them being plain old Leicester as justification for our failure.

My point is that they deservedly won it, them being lowly mid table Leicester should therefor have nothing to do with it.


City/Chelsea/Man U win the league and we don’t: look at how much money they have compared to us, of course we have no right to finish above them and win the league.

Leicester win the league and we don’t: why are people bringing up our vastly superior resources as if that means we should finish above Leicester?