Leicester City


Don’t think so.


Have they? Haven’t seen any confirmation of anything, just lots of speculation and “sources say…”


A source close to the family has told the BBC that Mr Srivaddhnaprabha was on board the aircraft and flowers have been laid at the scene overnight.


Why didn’t they confirm his death? It sounds strange.


Yeah I saw that, but that’s not really confirmation for me, “he’s believed to be on board”. I mean, he probably was on board – he usually is, but I want solid facts. Having worked in journalism for a long time where we use “sources” on a daily basis, I don’t trust them, lol.


Reading the Leicester forum they are all absolutely devastated. Really sad reading it all.

He took them from League 1 to being PL winners and CL quarter finalists. :disappointed:


Needless to say this forum wouldn’t be as devastated if the same thing happened to Stan, though he never attends games so very little chance of that.




This is such an uncessary stupid post.


Yeah I’ll concede it didn’t need to be said and was poor timing even if it has an element of truth.


No it doesn’t, we are not so heartless to be only devastated for someone’s death if they benefitted us in some form.

None of us even knew this guy and yet this forum is sad for him.

If what you say is true then something is wrong with us, not Kroenke.


Aussie stop digging :wink:


I’m not saying that anyone would be celebrating, but I have no doubt there wouldn’t be the same levels of devastation as what the Leicester fans are showing.


On BBC it says that @Phoebica.

They’re normally spot on before reporting.


Yeah BBC are rarely wrong, one of the most reliable outlets going. Let’s just hope that as limited people as possible were on board, because even if you survived the landing you can’t imagine anyone surviving the fireball sadly.


Hopefully their will be some confirmation on who was actually on the copter lastnight just so all the speculation stops.

Horrible day for Leicester yesterday seeing one of their players break their ankle an then this incident


Is it a little surprising how coy it all is in regards to who was on board ? Or just to be expected given the circumstances being so horrific ?


I bloody hope not. Although I would definitely understand if Leicester do so.


Might just be formality of family’s being informed before it’s public knowledge. An with he’s family being based in Thailand might take abit longer.


I guess it’s because it’s not necessarily as clear cut as identifying who was on board because truth be told, anybody could have been on board.