Leicester City


The sky reporter at Leicester said it was in the air for literally seconds before it started to spin and then fall


The damage could be a lot more severe than we think. Mortalities, unfortunately, might not be limited to only the helicopter and its passengers.

What if the car park was full? It doesn’t really bear thinking about


I don’t know if this footage is from today but it seems they flew from the ground so it must be good couple of minutes before it crashed. Again the footage could be from some other day & the cunt is just posting for likes


Yeah that’s footage from today’s game


A very sombre start to MOTD today as Gary Lineker announces the serious state of Glenn Hoddles health and then the helicopter crash.

It really is a sad day for football today


An a fan died at Brighton match today as well




This is horrific hopefully as limited people as possible were on board this helicopter.


What a dreadful day. Just wanted to add my condolences for all those impacted by this tragedy.


Thoughts and prayers with all those aboard that ill-fated helicopter.


Any more news?


The only update from last night is that they have confirmed Leicester City’s chairman, Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha, was on board the helicopter.


Weird how it’s all very hush.

Hopefully everybody on board survived but realistically looking at that it’s a fireball.


Such a tragedy. My thoughts are with Leicester and their fans.


Terrible news. Is there any chance the rest of the Premier League games will be called off?


I think they should. Football pales into insignificance at times like this.




I think every chance the next Leicester game gets called off, but I’m not so sure they will call off these other games not involving Leicester.


Carnt see Leicester next game being played since its on Tuesday an it would be a home tie.