Leicester City


Seems I might have been optimistic in predicting a draw :laughing:


I went for a loss and changed to a draw because of you, cunt


I predicted a 3-2 win ROFL, should just stick to my negative ways, they are normally more accurate.




Indeed. Do it :wink:


The new Stoke. Get fucked and got relegated, useless inbred team.


Holy fuck


wow WTF, hope there is noone badly injured but unfortunately that sounds really unlikely


Yeah BT Sport had to come off air early.

Could see in Jake Humphreys eyes that something really bad happened during the advert break when he broke the news.


Fuck that seems bad. Really awful scenes


Oh fuck! It sounds really awful :frowning:


Fucking hell. Can’t be any survivers here sadly




Oh god, I hope they are okay


looking at that, sadly i doubt it :frowning:


That’s so sad. I hope they’re OK. These owners are revered in Leicester.


I searched through all the new posts on Twitter. No news on the owner & his family being safe or anything.
I fear the worst. This is horrible.


I certainly don’t want to speculate but it looks fatal from the images.

No way you’ll ever see me go up in a helicopter


someone (dunno if they are reliable or not on a youtube video) said so far they have counted 3 deaths. :frowning:


i just dont get how this couldda happened though, mustve been a failure of the helicopter or pilot error, they seriously mustve just taken off to only have gotten as far as the car park, something went really bad really quick.