Leicester City Vs Arsenal (Premier League) 0-1

this aint incompetence anymore its blatant corruption

Sick of the officiating in this league now. They’ll apologise though when it doesn’t matter. Shit’s starting to ruin the game.

Absolutely atrocious. Whats the point of VAR if they arent checking that type of thing while the game is going? Do they just openly decide to not look?

Looking forward to the apology later in the week.



you can’t grab someone so blatantly and hold their hand down like that, especially with your other arm also impeding that arm (which I would agree, is potentially “incidental”)… was Ward weak? Sure, but it is irrelevant. that is a foul all day long. No one even argued the point when they saw the video.



Ahhhh Martinelli looks fucked…


Goal and injured


Hopefully it’s not a bad injury


Excellent find by Trossard

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You also cant shove into a player with your arm which is what Ward was doing

Nice to Saka to leave it

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Oh that is a blown out knee. Fuck.

It’s a twisted ankle according to the telly?

Gabi!!! Please don’t be dead!

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Good shot, hope it is not serious

Someone stepped on him

Hope it’s not as bad as it looks

Looks in a lot of pain, but haven’t we seen that before from Martinelli and it ends up not being that bad?

If it is studs to kneecap, that is one of the most painful things I have ever experienced, but it ends up not really doing any long-term damage, just hurts like a mofo.