Leicester City Vs Arsenal (PL)


  • Arsenal win
  • Leicester win
  • Draw
  • Leicester madness

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Probably somehow escape with a miracle draw just to piss most of us off and have Bumery hang around longer.


Brendan is a fraud if he doesn’t absolutely destroy us.

Vardy should be disappointed with only a hat trick.

@Aussiegooner would be so typical.


Arsenal win would result in Emery given even more time.
A Leicester win would result in even more unbearable Brendan Rodgers worshipping.


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I can just see it now, Leicester 26 shots to 5 and 10 on target to 1, but Leno and the woodwork perform miracles and we score with our only attack.

Leicester 1-1 Arsenal


I agree with your post but add in a Unai defensive masterclass and it would be spot on. I also think we could win this game. Possibly on the counter.

This ain’t gon be pretty

On performances we really should be losing this 3/4-0 all things being equal.

I’ll be on holiday in Belgium this weekend, thank fuck I’m missing this match.

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International break after this game and a two week break from Arsenal :relaxed:

17:30 kick-off means I won’t be able to divide my attention away from our sterile football.

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4 2 foxes we’ll score and be in it but to many chances will see them over run us. Shit tactics and bottling players don’t give us a realistic chance.

This Emery Arsenal will get punished against Leicester :neutral_face:

We’ve gonna lose but I think it will be closer than people think. Say only 10 Goals difference.


Historical game for Arsenal. Stronger together… With Emery sacked.

@shamrock it will be 6-0 i reckon…just not to us :santi:

I reckon they will have close to 40 shots on goal :joy:

:santi: indeed

No worries we might have 5 with 1 on target…we got this :santi:

Don’t think Skybet have caught on to Emeryball yet :thinking:

This isn’t shots on target just shots :joy: